The tricks you NEED to know before tapping that savings app

Today on Cityline, We’re breaking down the real cost of convenience. Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault helps you rein in your food costs.  Then, the tricks you need to know before tapping the app. Shoana Jensen reveals just how much MORE you're spending on shortcuts. Plus, Janice Meredith has your least favourite chores, outsourced!
Products and Services

1. Haircuts

  • At the barber $25
  • In my house $40

2. Massage

  • At a massage therapy centre 60 minutes $96.
  • In your house by a mobile service 60 minutes for $99

3. Tire Change

  • Taking your car to a service garage: $69.99 (seasonal tire change on rims) $139.99 (tire change plus storage
  • In my driveway by a mobile service ‘Tire Butler’ $135 (change tire) $210 (change tire plus storage)

3. Laundry

5. Garbage Bins

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