Treats without the grain your sweet tooth will love.

Celebrity fitness guru Jillian Michaels is putting us through the paces! She shares her secrets to stop stress and ageing in its tracks -- and it’s easier than you think! Then, treats without the grain your sweet tooth will love. AND, 3 months in… we’re checking in with our Weight loss challengers! Plus, stay tuned for a big announcement!
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15 Min HIIT Workout 


High Intensity Interval Training - a trend with serious staying power and for good reason.

- Time efficient
- Metabolism boosting due to EPOC (post exercise oxygen consumption).  You’re metabolism can be elevated for much longer post-workout when you take a HIIT approach
- Benefits of increasing strength, CV, core, joint stability and power all in one
- More efficient when compared to a traditional workout of separating strength and cardiovascular exercise.


15 Min HIIT the Weights Workout


- 5 exercise high intensity strength circuit
- 3 strength exercises combined with 2 x 1 min cardio drills
- Complete 3 rounds with minimal rest between exercises


Split Press - 20 reps

Squat Jacks - 1min

Renegade Row- 20 reps

V-Drill - 1min

Push Plank - 20 reps


Equipment - set of dumbbells

Products and Services

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Sarah's tips:


You can start moving forward even if you don't have it all figured out… whether at the beginning of your career or when changing careers

You might feel paralyzed if you know what you don’t want but not what you DO want. A good place to start is to make lists of “career ingredients” you do and don’t want in your — work tasks, work people, and work environment.

- Reverse engineering works when you know what you want (research and work backwards). But when you’re feeling unclear, feeling it out is better. (You may need to use a mix of these strategies. I’m an example of this.)


Mentors matter more than you might think.

Since we don’t learn any of this stuff in school we have to learn as we go in our careers - therefore mentors to help us along are incredibly valuable. Asking for advice on a specific issue is less awkward then straight-up asking someone to be a mentor… feels like a big investment.

- “Mentorship by stealth" is easier. Identify people you want to learn from and then borrow and adapt some of their best career moves.

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