Get ahead of that holiday food hangover before it even begins

Get ahead of that holiday food hangover before it even begins. From sweets to soup and snacks, Joy McCarthy makes the delicious detox recipes you need right now! Then, Bring comfort and joy to the fitness fanatic on your list. Brent Bishop has a round up of the best wellness gifts. Plus, Pay Chen will help you welcome winter with the best outdoor gear.
Products and Services

Holiday Gifts for the Active Person

  • Lebert Equalizers - $129.99
    • over 100 bodyweight exercises with the most stable bars available.
  • Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure - $99.99 (Switch Sold Separately: $399.99)
    • New accessories use the Nintendo Switch joy cons
    • Turn real world movements into in-game action with Nintendo’s new immersive adventure game.
  • STK hand held foam roller – Sporting Life
    • Hand held roller, perfect for travel. Aids in muscle recovery, improves flexibility, and enhances mobility
  • Hyperice Hypersphere mini massage ball - $149.99
    • The Hyperice Hypersphere is a compact massage-therapy ball that helps relieve tension and increase your range of motion and flexibility. Perfect for travel and on-the-go, the ‘Mini’ targets your tightest areas to unlock the body and help you move better.
  • Hyperice Hypervolt - $499.99
    • The Hypervolt is a cordless state-of-the-art percussion massage device that is lightweight, easy to use, and extremely quiet due to the Guiet Glide™ Technology.
  • Yak Trax - $49.99 Sporting Life
    • combination of removable spikes and steel coils. Continue your winter running with safety and stability.
  • Nike basketball socks - $18.00 – Sporting LIfe
    • breathable, sweat-wicking and zoned cushioning and the forefront and heel to absorb impact on the court
  • Yogatoes - $72.00 – Sporting Life
    • Ultra light, quick drying, skidless yoga mat, super absorbent & eco-friendly *made with 4 recycled plastic bottles
  • BMAT Yoga Mat - $84.00 – Sporting life
    • high quality, light weight and travel friendly
  • Spider Gloves - $35.98 – Sporting Life
    • Stylish touch screen friendly, Primaloft insulation, water repellent
  • New Balance shoes
    • Ultra light, breathable mesh upper that delivers a comfortable fit
  • New Balance sports bra/athletic top
    • Sweat-wicking, form fit design ….
  • Fitbit Versa Lite - $199.99
    • Fitbit’s most affordable smartwatch
    • Features: 15+ goal-based exercise modes, 24/7 heart rate tracking and the Fitbit features you know and love like step, sleep and activity tracking.
    • Allows you to stay on top of your calls, texts and calendar alerts, plus quick replies for Android users to make responding to texts on the fly a breeze.
Products and Services

Staying warm in the winter:
Outfit 1
Layering vest
Layering pullover
Fanny pack
Thermal tights

Outfit 2
Honcho Poncho

Heated gloves
Zippo handwarmer
Polar fleece socks
Waterproof runners
Ear warmers
Safety necklace

Cozy guest rooms:
Weighted blanket - extra throw
Bath robe
Sleep mask
Muscle arm pillow
Body cream & lip balm
Reading socks (adults and kids) - Shoppers Drug Mart
Shark and unicorn hooded blanket for kids - Shoppers Drug Mart

Bedroom set Ikea
Side tables
Bench at end of bed
Comforter cover
Lamp x 2
Drinking glass


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