Stacy Irvine helps you blast calories AND get your Christmas shopping done.  

The amped up appetizers you’ll feel good about eating and serving this season! Greta Podleski whips up make-ahead recipes to save you time and stress. Then, give the gifts that will make a difference. The most meaningful presents for the special people on your list. Plus, Stacy Irvine helps you blast calories AND get your Christmas shopping done.
Products and Services

Charity giving segment

  • Urban Barn
    Urban Barn’s Blanket the Country is an annual campaign in support of SPCA and Humane Society Organizations on a national scale
    From November 14th – December 15th Urban Barn will be donating $5 from the sales of vegan faux fur blankets
  • WWF
    The proceeds of each product will go towards World Wildlife Fund Canada’s conservation programs, which aim to reverse the decline of wildlife by protecting and advocating for healthy spaces for species and communities.
    Adoption kit – bumblebee, great white shark and pine marten
    Reusable straws
    Pela phone case
    This 100% compostable yet durable Pela phone case
    Hooded sweatshirt
  • Ten thousand Villages
    Ten Thousand Villages is a non-profit fair trade organization whose mission is to create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to its markets through long-term, fair trading relationships.
    Every purchase improves the lives of makers by supporting their craft and providing a fair, stable income.
  • Wool Garland with Socks and Mittens
    Silver Arrow Necklace -
    Small Gold Mosaic Reindeer Statue
    Pink Flamingo Ornament
  • Sick kids – Holiday cards
    With tons of cute designs to pick from and for only $2/card plus a donation, you can’t go wrong! Some of the cards are drawn/designed by our SickKids patients

    • Last year, 261 children spent their holidays in treatment at SickKids
  • Food Banks
    • Food Banks Canada is a national charitable organization dedicated to helping Canadians living with food insecurity. A network of Provincial Associations, affiliate food banks, and food agencies that work at the community level to relieve hunger. Their work is focused on maximizing collective impact, strengthening local capacity, and reducing the need for food banks.
  • Homeless shelters
    As the temperature drops the need for homeless shelter become even more critical.
    Homeless shelters are a type of homeless service agency, which provide temporary residence for homeless individuals and families.
  • Habitat for Humanity
    Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope"] Homes are built using volunteer labor and Habitat makes no profit on the sales.
Products and Services

Shopping Mall Workout: This is a great way to get a couple of essential things done at the same time.

  1. Get to the mall as early as possible. Aim for 45 minutes-1 hour before it opens. You are going to try to find a parking spot fairly close to the doors and leave your coat in the car.
  2. Dress in clothes that you can move in and use something like a "Fanny Pack" for your phone, credit cards and other necessities. That will leave your arms free for extra movement. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, because you will be doing tons of extra walking.
  3. When you get into the mall, do a quick lap around the mall to plan out your shopping route. Try to keep waling at a fast pace until the doors to the stores open up.
  4. Grab a quick coffee to go, if you need one!
  5. Once you have made a couple of purchases, and assuming the bags are getting a bit heavy, it is time to head back to your car. But first, try to complete 20 walking lunges on the way there.
  6. During any waiting time in line-ups, add heel raises (approximately 20 repetitions), glut squeezes (20 repetitions) and use any bags that you are holding for bicep curls (10-20 repetitions....depending on how heavy the bags are).
  7. When you get to your car to drop some bags, place them in the car and then complete 10 push-ups on your car before you head back into the mall.
  8. Repeat this routine as many times as possible. You will have both your shopping AND your workout completed at the same time!

Holiday De-Stress Moves: The holidays are filled with tons of additional stress. Because of all the parties and events, or even just all the extra chocolates and treats at work......we may try to deal with this stress by overeating or drinking. Instead, we can take a few minutes to have some quiet moments, or try to take a moment to de-stress a bit before you head back into the celebrations.


One simple, but very relaxing move is to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and slowly roll your body down toward the floor. Begin by taking a very deep breath in and as you breath out slowly, you will begin to move. Starting with your head dropping forward, then proceed with your shoulders, eventually all the way to your hips, with your hands reaching toward the floor. You want to feel as though your spine is curling down one vertebra at a time. Once you have curled down as far as you can go, hold this position and try to relax your upper body. Let your head and arms hang loose and focus on your breathing. With each deep breath our, you should feel your hands reach a bit closer to the floor. Once you have taken 3-4 breaths, reverse the process and slowly roll back up. Take one more deep breath at the top, stretch your hands up as high as you can......and you are done! Time to get back into whatever business you were attending to.


Holiday Party Workout: This is where you take the concept of a holiday party, or get together and figure out a way to turn it into a fun, active event. It could be a get together with some friends, planed around a holiday-themed workout.....or it could be a holiday party that starts with playing shinny and skating outside, book a sheet of ice at a Curling rink and have a game with friends....if you are feeling very ambitious organize a bonspiel. If you are meeting friends for drinks, find a casual place where you can bundle up and walk too and from your destination. Finally, for a party at your house, plan a snow sculpture building competition in your back yard and place your friends on teams, along with some judges and prizes for the winners. I promise the results will have everyone laughing so hard, they will also get an abdominal workout in the process.


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Top 10 Wellness gifts for Christmas

  1.  Exercise Band
  2. Smart Water bottle (Hidrate Spark 3)
  3. Facial Sheet Masks
  4. Skin Genetics
  5. Zoe device



Products and Services

Instagram: @drgoldspink

  1. Sleep Ring (Oura)
  2. Aromatherapy oil diffuser (Saje)
  3. SAD light (Verilux Happy Light)
  4. Self Journal (
  5. Oprah's new book: The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life's Direction and Purpose

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