Meals that are healthy, filling and meatless!

Meals that are healthy, filling and meatless! Mairlyn Smith has salads that will SATISFY. Then, how a relationship contract can help keep the peace at home. Plus, the moves to keep you motivated all summer long! Brent Bishop has the easy workout routine you can do ANYWHERE!
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Cityline visits Canada’s Wonderland

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Why you need a relationship contract and what goes in it:


  • You have a contract with your work, why shouldn’t you have a contract with your spouse?
  • Here’s what goes in it...
  • # of nights away: It breaks my heart to miss bath time with my three boys. Reading books under the covers. There are a finite number of those nights so it should hurt to miss them. But I travel for work. So we put one per week in our contract.
  • Family day: A full day with no cell phones, no friends, just the five of us. We chose to have one of these every weekend.
  • LNO / NNO: Leslie’s (my wife) night out / Neil’s night out. Dinner with a friend, live music by myself. We get our own stories and experiences to bring back to our relationship so we don’t just crash on the couch into a Netflix coma.
  • # of vacation days: A company tells you what you get, but you need to decide how many you need. Take some days of unpaid leave if you need to. I know I do.
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Cityline - Summer Fitness
Key Essentials to ensure you stay fit and prepared this summer.


Gym Bag Essentials (My recommendations):
•  Sunscreen
•  water
•  healthy snack (nuts)
•  protein shaker
•  TRX
•  Strength Band/mini band
•  lacrosse ball


Summer Shred Resistance Workout
Having quick, high intensity full body workouts during the summer months is a great, time effective way to change the stimulus, shed fat and increase your conditioning.


Workout can be done outside anywhere, all you need is a light-moderate resistance strength band.


-  Resisted squats/jump squats
-  Resisted trunk rotation
-  Resisted shoulder press outs
-  Resisted glute extensions
-  Resisted push ups

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Shannon’s Book The Game of Desire will be released later this month

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