Swipe right and don't ghost — we dish on dating after divorce!

Swipe right and don't ghost — we dish on dating after divorce, natural solutions to stop snoring, and the bed stretches to do every morning.
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The Research:

  • ½ of all divorces happen in the first 7 years
  • 50percent of marriages end in divorce which includes:
    • 41% of firstmarriages; 60% of second marriages; 73% of third marriages
  • People wait on average 3 years to remarry after divorce (if they remarry)


Tip #1:         Take Your TimeJ

  • Often people jump back into relationships right away
  • Take your time to learn how to be single again before being a partner again


Tip #2:         Pamper Yourself

  • Divorce can be extremely stressful (emotionally, socially, physically & financially)
  • Pamper yourself (yoga, trips, hiking, spend time with friends, pick up some new hobbies)!!
  • REFUEL yourself!!!
  • We cannot be fully happy in a relationship until we are fully happy with our self!


Tip #3:         Do A PAST Relationship Audit  

  • Take some time (alone, with friends or a therapist coach) to figure out WHY the relationship ended? What happened in the relationship to make it unfold?
  • What was your part? What was their part?
  • Without understanding WHY – people are likely to repeat the exact same mistakes


Tip #4:         Do A FUTURE Relationship Audit

  • Now have some fun!
  • Think what do I want? What are the Top #10 qualities / characteristics that are important to me in my next relationship? (age / career / income / religion / hobbies / character traits)
  • What are my deal-breakers? Know them & stand up for them.


Tip #5:         Put Your “Welcome Mat” Out

  • Let your friends & family casually know that you ready to dateJ Have a relaxed & easy-going mindset around dating!
  • Dating is healthy! It helps us know what we like / don’t like!
  • Talk with other friends who are single which apps they use. Find the ones that work for you!
  • Don't’ try to find Mr. Perfect – try to enjoy dating & using it as a great opportunity to meet some great people!!!
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Bryce Notes on Snoring


Start with the basics (snore hygiene)

-  3 main causes are smoking, drinking alcohol and being overweight

what it is, lifestyle changes, and what to avoid.
Snorers are three times more at risk of adverse health issues as non-snorers. Heavy snorers are five times more at risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.


essential oils. Diffusing, spraying, or even gargling essential including thyme, lavender, lemon, and peppermint can really help. This would also serve nicely as a “taste test” which is usually pretty fun with Tracy.
The diffuser recipe and mouth spray/gargle require a mixture of a few drops of the essential oils above in a few ounces of water. You can either gargle this for a few mins before bedtime or spray into back of throat every 30 secs x 4 before bed AND diffuse. (Can even just dab under nose as a lazy way). In one study after weeks of this, 82% of the participants (snorer and their partners included) reported significant benefit.
What is in and what is out in terms of snoring help;:


-  OUT: tennis ball sewn into the back of your pyjama shirt (prevent you from rolling onto your  back)


IN: smartnora


-OUT: nasal strips (across the nose)


IN: internal nose devices called “mute”


-OUT: fan/white noise to cancel background noise


IN: sleepphones


-OUT: the neti pot (to cleanse allergens out of the nose)


IN: in room high powered HEPA filtration (to clear allergens out of the air) I have cat allergies and have cats but use the product and it’s made a huge difference


-OUT: relying on your partners hearsay that you snore


IN: determining quality of sleep by measurements of pulse, movement, snoring with a device called Beddit







Mouth/tongue exercises are shown to be helpful.


  • Pushing the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth and sliding the tongue backward.
  • Sucking the tongue upward against the roof of the mouth, and pressing the entire tongue against the roof of the mouth.
  • Forcing the back of the tongue against the floor of the mouth while keeping the tip of the tongue in contact with the bottom front teeth.
  • And elevating the back of the roof of the mouth and uvula while saying the vowel "A."
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Zehra morning stretches

Cross-legged side stretch

Shoulder stretch/rotation

Kneeling Spinal twist

Cat cow stretch

Hip stretch 90/90

Inner thigh Stretch

Hamstring stretch

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