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All set pieces seen on the show - IKEA

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Advent Calendars: Chocolats Favoris -

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Hudson’s Bay -

All Fashions for Jessica and Brian


Sweater, Hugo Boss
Dress, Theory


Sweater, Line
Jumpsuit, Reiss


Suit, Theory
Shirt, Free People


Shoes: All HBC

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Stacy Adams Shoes - $130
Reiss Dress Shirt - $195
Michael Kors Blazer - $695
TMB Pants - $360
McGregor Socks - $16
Dockers Belt - $45


Hugo Boss Shoes - $598
Z Zegna Suit - $1598
Z Zegna Dress Shirt - $195
Reiss Cardigan - $320
McGregor Socks - $16
Dockers Belt - $45


Black Brown Shoes - $99
Bugatti Dress Shirt - $145
Strellson Pants - $228 OR Reiss Pants - $245
Reiss Cardigan - $360
Tiger of Sweden Cardigan - $349
McGregor Socks - $16
Dockers Belt - $45


The design pro tips guaranteed to bring people together!

Trade screen time for quality time over the holidays. Colin and Justin share the pro tips guaranteed to bring people together. Then, not everyone’s feeling the feature wall trend. We settle the most polarizing design debates once and for all! Plus, décor details that will have you living like a Palm Springs local. And later, do you have Warhol taste on a DIY budget? A step-by-step tutorial to imitate high art on the cheap.
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Colin and Justin's Set: 




Paint on dressers:
Anchor Gray 2126-30 Satin Finish




Colin and Justin's beer:


Raclette from Hamilton Beach

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Picture credits in Kimberley's house tour with Christopher Kenny 
1- Grey Crawford
2 - J Rockwell Seebach
3 - Grey Crawford
4 - Christopher Kennedy
5 - Grey Crawford






Chairs Kimberley showed from:
Barrymore Furniture


Union Lighting and Furnishings


Kimberley's "Get the Palm Springs Look" segment


Wall colour:
Sun Kissed Yellow, 2022-20




Modernism Week

Palm Spring - Feb 14-24 2019


Mettro Source


Bust that holiday stress before it happens!

Bust that holiday stress before it happens. Bryce Wylde shows us what’s happening inside our bodies, and how to fight anxiety with the food you eat. Then, tired of eating a salad and feeling hungry 5 minutes later? Greta Podleski’s here making salads with SUBSTANCE. Plus—sorry, not sorry. Our panel debates the NEED to be liked and how to overcome people pleasing. And later, a delicious taco bowl, that’s delicious and vegan! Lauren Toyota makes comfort food with a twist!

The 3 Chefs have foolproof ways to cook the perfect bird!

We’ve got your Christmas dinner covered! The 3 Chefs have foolproof ways to cook the perfect bird. Plus, Bobby Flay versus Gordon Ramsay. The two culinary stars sound off on turkey techniques. And who has time to babysit a roast? The easiest braised beef you’ll ever make --- on the stovetop! Plus, move over mains. The simple side dish you can make in a muffin tin!

The chef secret to cooking the crispiest pork belly you’ve ever had!

Satisfy that crispy craving. The chef secret to cooking the crispiest pork belly you’ve ever had! Then, a gift guide to save your next Secret Santa exchange. Presents under 25 dollars that are sure to surprise. PLUS, Leigh-Ann reinvents the holiday photo — creative family flicks that everyone will want to display on their mantle.    
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IVY printer by Canon,


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In car diffuser & humidifier - Marshalls


Package of 3 essential oils - Marshalls


Hot water bottle & jade roller - Winners


Cool & hot face mask - Dollarama


Back up battery - Best Buy


Charging cable - Best Buy


Milkshake glasses - Crate & Barrel


Milkshake spoon straw - Crate & Barrel


Carafe and glass set - CB2


Salt Cellar, Crate & Barrel - Crate & Barrel


Good Life, Good Food, Curtis Stone, Homesense Apron - Homesense


Paris cocktail recipe book, wine opener, & Wine preserver pump set - Homesense


Tabletop Ping Pong game, Indigo


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