Your healthy approach to one of the hottest weight loss trends. 

Breakthroughs on brain health! Bryce Wylde has your natural guide to staying sharp. And, the Keto diet decoded! Your healthy approach to one of the hottest weight loss trends. Plus, seasonal cocktails and mocktails that say “spring” in a glass. How to whip up herbal infused drinks – no bartending experience required!
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Almond Butter Pancakes


Keto Green Smoothie


Turmeric Fried Rice

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Pure Leaf Ingredients + Instructions


Spring Refresh Segment:


Personal care products and diffusers - Shoppers Drug Mart


Décor items - HomeSense




Genius ways to enjoy the beauty of flowers, longer!

Spring has sprung! Shoana gets us ready to enjoy the season with open air room ideas that have an indoor feel! Then – turn over a new leaf with fresh D.I.Y ideas! Add life to your space, while keeping it cheap and cheerful! Genius ways to enjoy the beauty of flowers, longer! Carson shares his secrets that the florist won’t tell you. Plus, Shoana has fashionable gear that will have you dry and singing in the rain!
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Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's
Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes


SPIN Toronto - Ping Pong location


Today's episode clips:


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Rainy Day Must Haves




Penny Loafer


Original Tall Wide Fit in Matte Black


Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots in Military Red


Boot Socks




Yellow Ankle rain boots




Adirondack coats




Classic Trench Coats




Women's Bean Boots


Women's Bean Boots - Rubber Moc




Chooka Women's Classic Dot Skimmer Ballet Flat


Wool Insoles


Doggie  Rain Onesie




Yellow rain coat, booties and waterproof leash


Upside down umbrella

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Outdoor Spaces Segment 


Lotus Belle Tents




Sprinkle Spring





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We’ve got your blueprint for avoiding renovation aggravation!

We’ve got your blueprint for avoiding renovation aggravation! Plus, the common cold has met its Matcha! We reveal why this green tea is the ultimate elixir.  And, the one-pot wonder that you can dress up for a dinner party.
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Green Tea Article by Sheena


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Surprising home reno expenses:


Blueprints :  approx. $300 - $500 pending on the printing company

You will need to get your blueprints printed on a large scale 24”x36” for a few reasons.


Dumpster :  budget for $500 each dumpster

If you’re demolishing any part of your house, you’ll be shocked to know how many dumpsters you’ll need to dispose of items.


Port-O-Potty : budget for $200 per month

If you’re doing a full gut job and they’re won’t be a functioning bathroom in the house, you need to get a port-o-potty for your trades when nature calls.  In most cases, this is actually a city by-law and you are required to provide one.


Temporary Construction Fence :  budget for $100 per month

Again, another requirement that the city will likely impose when you’re doing a large scale renovation such as an addition or adding a second story.


Sidewalk Damage Deposit :   cost varies - we spent $2,800.

Depending on the city you live in, they may ask for a sidewalk damage deposit.


Tree Damage Deposit : cost varies depending on the type of tree

If you have any trees on your property you’ll have to pay a tree damage deposit and fence it off with temporary construction fencing to protect it.


Cancelling Garbage Pickup : cost varies depending on the city you live in

If you are getting large disposal bins/dumpsters frequently, you don’t need to put your own small curbside bins out on a weekly basis.


Lockbox :   approx. $50 each

You MUST have one of these so that all of your trades can access the property on the off chance you are not there.


Wrapping Power Lines :  cost varies depending on where you live. We spent $900

When you’re removing the roof or doing any construction around the main power line that comes into your house so that all of your trades are safe.


Disconnecting Main Power Line : cost varies depending on where you live. We spent $700

You need to replace your electrical panel, for safety issues you’ll need to pay the city to disconnect the powerlines from the house.


Monthly Rent :   Varies depending on where you live. We paid $24,000 for 14 months

Depending on the size of the renovation, you may need to move out your house while the reno is underway. You may need to rent another house or AirBNB, or if you’re lucky you can move in with family and live rent free!


Moving Expenses :  Varies on location  + number of family members. We budgeted for $5,000


Don’t forget to account for moving out of your house and then moving back into your house.


Storage Locker :  Cost varies depending on size of storage you need. Budget for $300 per month


Don’t move everything you own. Store it while you are living temporarily somewhere else.


Affordable looks hot off the runways… and into your wardrobe!

Hot off the runways… and into your wardrobe! Jessica Mulroney has Spring’s fiercest fashion trends. Then -- Don’t pack your bags until you see Bahar Niramwalla's best beauty essentials for your travels! Plus, kick off your winter boots and step into Spring! From strappy to see-through, we’ve got the trends to take you through the Summer.
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Affordable runway looks


Spring shoe trends:




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Instead of multiple makeup bags

Circular Makeup bags


Try out a skin care brand by purchasing their miniature kits!

Laneige hydrating trial kit




Hydrating facial mist
In-flight: check
In hotel room: check
Out & about: check


Fragrance AND Breath Freshener

Fill a mini container with your perfume to ease up on baggage weight


Fill up a container with mouth wash to keep in the plane with you, when it's time to freshen up quick!


Sleep Masks

Use a cotton silk sleep mask if you are set on catching some zzz's




No more hotel bathroom horror lighting

Glamcor Riki travel friendly mirrors with lights


Refuse to deal with hair colour

Garnier root touch up to cover grey hairs within 3 minutes so you can ENJOY VACATION!


Skip the flimsy hotel shower caps

Bring your own sturdy (and BEAUTIFUL) shower caps

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The experts settle the latest debate unfolding on social media.

The experts settle the latest debate unfolding on social media. Then, everything old is new again... We reveal how to revive retro décor — from terrazzo to macramé. Plus, choosing the right rug can be a challenge! Brian’s secrets to customize your carpet on the cheap.  
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Brian's "Mistakes With Area Rugs"

Glass Coffee Table, Vienna Cocktail Table - ELTE

All Other Furniture and Décor, GlucksteinHome - Hudson’s Bay

Carpet Samples - Carpet Mill

Wall Colour, AF-570 Coastline - Benjamin Moore

"How Many?"

Towels, Dinnerware, Bedding, GlucksteinHome - Hudson’s Bay

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"Jump on Spring"

Iron Mountain - Benjamin Moore

Mellow Yellow - Benjamin Moore

Simply White - Benjamin Moore

Plants & Mats - Sheridan Nurseries

"Bathroom Reno Mistakes To Avoid"



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"Builder, Better, Best"

Antique Door and Hardware

Plugs, Switches and Lights - Sescolite

"They're Baaaaaaack!"

Coastline - AF 570
Benjamin Moore

Furniture - Elte