These forward-thinking summer styles will ALSO become your fall favourites.

These forward-thinking summer styles will ALSO become your fall favourites. Then, summer doesn’t have to be brutal to your beauty routine. Bahar reveals 7 products that can take the heat. Plus, from embracing your natural texture to 25-inch ponytails, these hot weather hair trends will keep you on your toes.
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Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's
Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes


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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale features brand new arrivals on sale for a limited time, for the whole family.


The sale begins on July 19 and runs through August 4. Prices go back up August 5.
Customers can shop top brands like: Vince, Nike, Madewell, Charlotte Tilbury, Theory and more.


Nordstrom has six locations in Canada:
Nordstrom Chinook Centre, Calgary, AB
Nordstrom Rideau Centre, Ottawa, ON
Nordstrom Pacific Centre, Vancouver, BC
Nordstrom Sherway Gardens, Toronto, ON
Nordstrom Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto, ON
Nordstrom Toronto Eaton Centre, Toronto, ON


Look 1:

Something Navy Midi Slip Skirt **Nordstrom exclusive**

Madewell Oversize Ex-Boyfriend Plaid Shirt

Something Navy Flecked Crewneck Sweater **Nordstrom exclusive**

Marc Jacobs The Box Leather Crossbody Bag

Sam Edelman Hiltin Knee High Boot

Tucker + Tate ‘Core’ Print Leggings **Nordstrom exclusive**

Tucker + Tate Animal Ear Hoodie **Nordstrom exclusive**

Tucker + Tate Maisie Glitter Bootie **Nordstrom exclusive**

The Herschel Black Polka Dot Belt Bag


Look 2:

Nike Camo Ripstop Shorts

Ted Baker London Carpark Slim Fit Print Polo

Adidas Campus Sneaker


Look 3:

AG The Farrah High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

Smythe Duchess Elbow Patch Check Blazer

FRAME Snake Print Silk Camisole

Marc Fisher Zurri Pointy Toe Loafer


Look 4:

Chelsea 28 Smocked Neck Long Sleeve Chiffon Midi Dress **Nordstrom exclusive**

Jeffrey Campbell Raven Bootie

Rebecca Minkoff Jody Croc Embossed Leather Circle Crossbody Bag


Look 5:

PAIGE Transcend Lennox Slim Fit Jeans

BP. Print Short Sleeve Stretch Button- Up Shirt **Nordstrom exclusive**

BP. Fuzzy Bomber Jacket **Nordstrom exclusive**

Nike Air Tailwind Sneaker

Tucker + Tate Reversible Nylon & Faux Fur Bomber Jacket **Nordstrom exclusive**

Treasure & Bond Print Sleeveless Midi Dress **Nordstrom exclusive**

Steve Madden JStarring High Top Sneaker


Look 6:

Halogen Pleated Sleeveless Shift Dress **Nordstrom exclusive**

Halogen Raw Edge Cotton Blend Tweed Jacket **Nordstrom exclusive**

Vince Camuto Aleema Slingback Pump

Rebecca Minkoff Jody Convertible Leather Hobo


Kotn Stores in Toronto and Vancouver


Jeremy look 1:

Sweatshirt: https://kotn.com/products/essential-sweatshirt

Sweatshorts: https://kotn.com/products/sweatshorts


Sonia look 1:

Relaxed V-neck: https://kotn.com/products/relaxed-v-neck

Jeans: Her own, vintage

Shoes: Ramla, available in Kotn stores https://ramlastore.com/collections/shop/products/timeless-trio-blue


Jess look 1:

Dress: https://kotn.com/products/boat-neck-t-shirt-dress


Jeremy look 2:

Band Tee: https://kotn.com/products/mens-band-tee

Denim: his own


Sonia look 2:

Dress: https://kotn.com/products/babydoll-dress


Jess look 2:

Fitted Crew: https://kotn.com/products/fitted-crew

Culotte Sweatpants: https://kotn.com/products/culotte-sweatpants

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Gone glamping! Bring this outdoorsy style inside your home!

Gone glamping! Bring this outdoorsy style inside your home! Suzanne Dimma has all the décor items you NEED to transform your space! Plus, pegboard is back, and it will make your life so much easier! Christian Dare has genius ways to maximize storage using your walls! Then, outdoor cushions can be expensive, so why not make your own?
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Pinball Game

Materials & Tools:

  • 2 - Wooden art boards – both 12 x 16 inches
  • 1 - Wooden hanger
  • 2 - Chicago bolts or similar
  • 2 pieces of 1 inch x 2 inch wood stock – each cut to 12 inches
  • 2 pieces of ½ inch square wood pieces (or similar) – each cut to 5 inches in length with angled ends
  • Wood glue
  • Hand saw or jig saw
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill & drill bits
  • Paint or Stain
  • Marbles
  • Wooden dowels, knobs and small round wooden pieces
  • Small screws
  • Elastic bands (optional)


Art Board “A” is top board

Art Board “B” is for bottom board



  1. Cut wooden hanger to use angled parts as handles – cut each handle to approximately 8 inches in length with bulky part to fit into notches cut in step 2
  2. Using hand saw or jig saw cut two notches / openings – 1.5 inches wide on both sides of art board “A” – each opening to fit handles when assembled – use chisel and hammer to remove section and sand rough edges
  3. Draw ½ circle at bottom centre of board “A” – creating a hole for marble to fall thru – diameter of ½ circle 1.5 inches – use chisel and hammer to remove section and sand rough edges
  4. Using hand saw or jig saw cut one notch / opening – 2 inches wide on bottom short side of art board “B” – opening to allow marble to come out of pinball game – use chisel and hammer to remove section and sand rough edges
  5. Glue the 5 inch - ½ inch square wood pieces to angle / block off lower corners on sides of board “B” cut out – these pieces will direct the marble to come out the cut out
  6. Position board “B” on flat surface and then position board “A” overtop board “B” – ½ circle cut out in board “A” to be placed over cut out on board “B”
  7. Place handles in cut outs made in board “A” - position handles to allow space between ends so when rotating, the handles do not make contact
  8. Mark drill holes in handle to go thru handle and thru sides of board “A” and “B” – use a smaller drill bit for pilot hole and then use larger drill bit – larger bit to fit Chicago bolt
  9. Drill holes thru face of board “A” for marble to fall thru – use a drill bit slightly larger than your marbles
  10. Secure wooden dowels, knobs and small round wooded pieces to face of board “A” – secure with small screws from behind and glue – for smaller diameter dowels, drill holes thru board “A” the diameter of the smaller dowels and push dowel thru board “A” and secure to board “B” with wood glue – secure smaller dowels at the end when board “A” and board “B” are secured together
  11. Paint or stain boards as desired
  12. Glue 2 pieces of 1 inch x 2 inch wood stock – each cut to 12 inches – lay over top of one another and glue to underside of board “B” at the top to angle pinball assembly
  13. Glue board “A” and “B” together with board “A” being on top
  14. Secure handles in place with Chicago bolts
  15. Add elastic bands wrapping 2 or more dowels / wooden pieces


Approximate Cost $25

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Glamping :

  1. Clayoquot resort  - BC luxury Glamping Relais & Chateaux


  1. Hermes (trunk)



Leather butterfly chair - (this is the indoor version)




Wood cut table, desk, Waterworks pulls 




2 chairs

Jardin de Ville and MUST Jardin available at Home Société



Folding chair:




Pulls and hardware, oil lanterns:

Lee Valley Tools



Led lamp:

Ottawa Modern



Small footstools, tables, seat, luggage rack

Maison Basque







Bedding segment:

Bed and Suzanne Dimma's line of linens:

Au Lit Fine Linens




Coolican & co


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Christian's pegboard segment:




Pegboard and shopping bag cushions:



Meals that are healthy, filling and meatless!

Meals that are healthy, filling and meatless! Mairlyn Smith has salads that will SATISFY. Then, how a relationship contract can help keep the peace at home. Plus, the moves to keep you motivated all summer long! Brent Bishop has the easy workout routine you can do ANYWHERE!
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Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's
Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes


Today's episode clips:


Cityline visits Canada’s Wonderland

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Products and Services

Why you need a relationship contract and what goes in it:


  • You have a contract with your work, why shouldn’t you have a contract with your spouse?
  • Here’s what goes in it...
  • # of nights away: It breaks my heart to miss bath time with my three boys. Reading books under the covers. There are a finite number of those nights so it should hurt to miss them. But I travel for work. So we put one per week in our contract.
  • Family day: A full day with no cell phones, no friends, just the five of us. We chose to have one of these every weekend.
  • LNO / NNO: Leslie’s (my wife) night out / Neil’s night out. Dinner with a friend, live music by myself. We get our own stories and experiences to bring back to our relationship so we don’t just crash on the couch into a Netflix coma.
  • # of vacation days: A company tells you what you get, but you need to decide how many you need. Take some days of unpaid leave if you need to. I know I do.
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Cityline - Summer Fitness
Key Essentials to ensure you stay fit and prepared this summer.


Gym Bag Essentials (My recommendations):
•  Sunscreen
•  water
•  healthy snack (nuts)
•  protein shaker
•  TRX
•  Strength Band/mini band
•  lacrosse ball


Summer Shred Resistance Workout
Having quick, high intensity full body workouts during the summer months is a great, time effective way to change the stimulus, shed fat and increase your conditioning.


Workout can be done outside anywhere, all you need is a light-moderate resistance strength band.


-  Resisted squats/jump squats
-  Resisted trunk rotation
-  Resisted shoulder press outs
-  Resisted glute extensions
-  Resisted push ups

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Shannon’s Book The Game of Desire will be released later this month

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Pedal your way to outdoor summer fun!

Pedal your way to outdoor summer fun! Shoana Jensen has bikes that will change the way you ride. Then, don’t let pests get in the way of a good time! Carson Arthur keeps the bugs from biting. Plus, don’t throw in the towel! How to turn it into a fashion-forward cover-up.

Test-drive the best travel pillows for your vacation!

Want to make your next long flight way more comfortable? Pay Chen is test-driving the best travel pillows for your vacation. Then, how to give your rental some serious style. Plus, make room for bite-sized summer appetizers. Ricardo has a mouth-watering menu for your next get-together.
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Hanging your art successfully:

BLACK+DECKER BDMKIT101C MarkIT Picture Hanging Tool - $23.07
Hang-O-Matic All-In-One Wall Decor Hanging Tool - $23.99
Picture Hanging Tool: Hang It Perfect Makes Frame Hanging Simple & Fast! $34.95
Professional Picture Hangers Tidy Tin Supports Up to 50 Pounds $11.69
TEEPAO Picture Leveler,Picture Hanger Vertical and Horizontal Levels Suspension Measurement Marking Position Tool for All Wall Materials - #17.99
10 Pack 100 lbs Picture Frame Hangers Hooks with Nails, Heavy Duty Plaster Wall Pro Photo/Heavy Mirror Hanging Kit - $18.99
Command Picture & Frame Hanging Strips, Large, White, 6-Pairs, 4-Pack (24 Pairs Total) - $29.30
Command Picture & Frame Hanging Strips, Large, White, 6-Pairs, 4-Pack (24 Pairs Total) - $29.30
Command Sawtooth Picture Hangers, White, 4 Piece, 8 Strips (PH040-4NA) - Easy to Open Packaging - $10.24


Sarah's Art Company:
Mint House Studio




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Pillow talk:

Inflatable Multi-Functional Pillow - $35
Infinity Pillow Scarf - $55
High Sierra Flexible Travel Pillow - $31.20
Gentfit Travel Pillow - $16.95
Havospark Waterproof Travel Massage Pillow with Music - $69.99
Igloo Memory Foam Travel Pillow - $44.95
Jumbo Memory Foam Pillow with Hood - $34.99
Trekology Inflatable Lumbar Travel Pillow - $67.10
Travel Foot Rest Pillow - $43.99


ECCO Palle Easypack Bag