We’re bringing the GOOD VIBES: designer Shai DeLuca has Feng Shui tips for YOUR home.

We’re bringing the GOOD VIBES: designer Shai DeLuca has Feng Shui tips for YOUR home. Then, cozy up with THE trend of the season: Jackie Glass shows us how to add faux shearling touches to our décor. Plus, why you should apply those math class geometry lessons to your DÉCOR!
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Feng Shui


Design trends from around the world:

Australia - bringing the outdoors in

Austria - eclectic simplicity

Bahamas - woven furniture

Denmark - infusions of green

England - farmhouse revival

Brazil - over the top tile

Israel - communal living

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Instagram: @barlowreid_design

Products and Services

Instagram: @avissadesign

Dehart 3 Panel Iron Fireplace Screen

Mission log bin with leather carrier for fireplace

Pilgrim Home and Hearth air insulated ash bucket

Pleasant Hearth Arched 4 piece fireplace tool set

Rechargeable arc lighter


Hearth Manor fireplaces:

Log Holder Silver

Log Holder Black/Leaf

Loop 36” Log Holder

5 pc. Blk Tool Set

Chrome 5 pc Tool Set

Modern Gun Metal Tool Set

Scroll Satin Screen

Square Screen

Contempo Screen

Bi Fold Screen

Expresso Andiron

Strike A Fire

Extreme Start Firestarter


Long Reach Matches


4 Log Bunches


Everything you need to know for your best night's sleep

You snooze… you DON’T lose? Health and wellness expert Bryce Wylde tells us what lack of sleep can do to our bodies. Then, better sleep could be as easy as new sheets! How to find the right bedding for YOUR sleep style. Plus, no more counting sheep! Fitness expert Brent Bishop has stretches and moves that will help you relax before bed.
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Sleep Clinic – Sunnybrook Hospital Sleep Disorder Clinic 
Sleep apnea machines from CPAP DIRECT

1) Hops “Deep sleep” by A Vogel
2) Brain Armor (Algal DHA for optimal quality sleep)
3) SunTheanine (an amino acid for optimal focus, concentration, attention, alertness, and better sleep)
4) Ashwaghanda (an Ayurvedic adaptogen that minimizes stress and helps with sleep)
5) magnesium bislycinate (a mineral that helps with muscle relaxation and sleep)

Related to probiotics was “soluble fiber prebiotics” and then related to “glymphatics” and brain detox during sleep was “liposomal glutathione”

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New book: ”Essential Well Being”


Sweet Dreams, Darling Diffuser Blend:
6 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops cedarwood essential oil
2 drops frankincense essential oil
1 drop lemongrass essential oil


We're showing you how to pull off Boho Chic on a budget!

Handmade is hot! We’re celebrating Makers and their handcrafted creations. Leigh-Anne Allaire Perrault shows you how a simple piece of string can result in your own incredible art. Want Boho Chic on a budget? Christian Dare makes a modern macramé chandelier for a fraction of the price. Julia Grieve shows you how easy it is to transform your old coat into a stylish skirt.

Superstar Harry Connick Jr. drops by to co-host! 

Superstar Harry Connick Jr. drops by to co-host! He’s cooking up a southern feast with Chef Paul Lillakas! Then, Harry embraces the latest hair trends for party season. Plus, from marriage to parenting, the dad of three dishes on life in the limelight.

Victoria Beckham joins us in a Canadian lifestyle EXCLUSIVE and gets REAL about fame and family.

Fashion ICON meets Fashion Friday! Victoria Beckham joins us in a Canadian lifestyle EXCLUSIVE and gets REAL about fame, family…and of course fashion. Makeup artist to the stars GRACE LEE has tricks to get plumper lips… WITHOUT needles.