Solve all of your style emergencies!

It’s Fashion Friday and Tania Tonello is solving all of your style emergencies. Then: Lynn Spence will have you breaking fashion rules by mixing casual with dressy for super chic looks. Jason Lee has a guide to all of the hottest new hair terms – he puts Tracy to the test! Plus, Kim Appelt rounds up fall’s top jewelry trends.

We’re unpacking periods.

We’re unpacking periods. In this special episode, our experts are answering questions about regular and irregular periods and everything in between – including why severe pain and cramps are NOT normal. Our Cityline viewers test out the latest period products and share their honest reviews, and our panel discusses periods beyond gender.

New season, new flowers! It's our fall orchard special.

It’s our fall orchard special! Julia Grieve brings the autumn aesthetic with stylish fall jackets, while Frank Ferragine shows you how to create the ultimate harvest planter. Chef Paul Lillakas has an easy hack to make caramel apples, and Renee Sferrazza has in-cider information on fall’s best drinks. Plus, Monique Taylor Yee Shui has a gorgeous fall door décor D.I.Y.
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Get ready for an event filled with romance and elegance.

Pull out the tissues and get ready to be swept away by romance as we pull off a LIVE wedding proposal on national television! Plus, everything you need to know if you’re planning a pandemic wedding, from micro-wedding saves and splurges, to DIY catering and décor, to the hottest bridal trends.

Thanksgiving dinner in just one hour!

We’re getting you ready for Thanksgiving and showing you how you can cook the meal in just one hour! The 3 Chefs take care of the food and Event Planner Alison Slight sets the table. Chef Randy Feltis prepares a tender turkey in a deep fryer. Chef Devan takes care of the stuffing & is amping up your ordinary cranberry sauce. Chef Jason Parsons prepares the side dishes using the fall harvest vegetables. Alison Slight shows us how to mix our everyday dishes, along with a nontraditional colour palette, to create a modern Thanksgiving table.