It's Home Day at Cityline!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Home Day and Brian Gluckstein is sharing his take on Modern Farmhouse design before answering your décor questions! Colin and Justin have pro tips for making compact kitchens feel big and beautiful, while Micheal Lambie shows us how to D.I.Y. our own trendy plaster artwork. Plus, Chef Massimo Capra is in the Cityline kitchen to add a decadent twist to a classic comfort food.

How to reduce drama in your life.

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Bye bye drama! Vivian Kate has easy ways to reduce the drama in all areas of your life. Pay Chen is taking your kitchen from winter blah to spring spectacular with pops of bright colour. Plus, the Cheese Poet Erin Harris will have you drooling with her lesson on raclette. Then, Bryce Wylde shares a sneak peek at what will be trending in health and wellness this year, while Seth Mohan has a lesson on yoga moves that improve gut health. And, we meet the team behind ‘The Fabulous Show with Fay & Fluffy’ that’s helping make tough conversations with kids easier.

It’s Cityline’s Mom Show!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Cityline’s Mom Show. From Cat and Nat’s “mom confessions” to our panel’s unfiltered discussion on the things no one tells you about childbirth – things get real! Shobana Lakkavally has styling tips for your post-baby body, while Natalie Preddie has tips for tantrums. Plus, the scoop on pelvic floor physiotherapy and the exercises that can help combat your post-pregnancy problems.

Consumer testing: the pet edition!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Consumer testing: the pet edition! Gurdeep Ahluwalia and his dog Coffee try out the top pet products – and give their honest reviews. Then: revenge travel. Lorraine Simpson has ideas to make your first vacation since the pandemic began the best trip ever. Karlyn Percil has tips to tackle the Sunday Scaries, while Dr. Joey Shulman explains how to reduce your toxic load for better health. Linda Hoang introduces us to a useful new anti-racism tool, plus Chef Raquel Fox shares her “Chef’s Favourites.”

Update your style for Spring.

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Pearlcore is the coolest new fashion trend and Julie Kalinowski shows you how to style it. Then, Brittany Gray gets you up to speed on trending spring styles in makeup. Mosha Lundstrom takes us to shoe school with a lesson on how to build your outfits from the ground up. Plus, T & T are tackling backhanded compliments in their weekly chat, and we introduce our first guest in Cityline’s powerful new “Say It Forward” series.