Testing out viral TikTok beauty products to find out if they actually work

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Cooking for one: Gurdeep Ahluwalia has your new favourite single-serve dishes. Monique Taylor Yee Shui reinvents a small rental space to create an outdoor oasis, while Lisa Chang and Amanda Muse test out viral TikTok beauty products to find out if they actually work. Then, Laurie Schacht shares summer’s hottest toys. Plus, Jamie Pandit shares her love story and the change it’s creating.

How to avoid sticky situations with sweat-proof beauty products!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s our Summer Sizzle and Chef Matt Dean Pettit is grilling up a special combination: fish and fruit. Tania Tonello is poolside with the season’s cutest coverups, while Lisa Chang has all of the tech gadgets you need to prep for your summer party. Plus, Shobana Lakkavally helps you avoid sticky situations with sweat-proof beauty products.

Solutions to help you sleep cool in the summer heat!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Set your summer table with the prettiest tablescape – Sarah Gunn has ideas to inspire you and tips to guide you. Christian Dare shows you how to D.I.Y. a textured terracotta table, while sleep expert Alanna McGinn has solutions to help you sleep cool in the summer heat. Plus, Chef Trevor Lui shares delicious bar snack recipes.
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DIY textured terracotta side tables


Fibre Drum Barrel

Paint (colour of your choice)

White Paint

Baking Soda

Old Paintbrush

Mixing Container

Furniture leg (optional)

Hot Glue Gun

Clear Protective spray (matte)

Products and Services

Ideas for statement-making style!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Fashion Friday goes bold and bright with Lynn Spence’s ideas for statement-making style. Lily Yange has a lesson in styling sneakers for every occasion, while Shobana Lakkavally has everything you need to know about exfoliation. Tracy Peart joins Tracy for a T & T Chat about shapewear – in an increasingly body-positive society, is it time to retire it? Plus, remembering Sandy Pittana: we pay tribute to the woman who epitomized Fashion Friday for more than thirty years.

Make your outdoor space your favourite place!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Make your outdoor space your favourite place with Arren Williams’ design tips – and then watch him play sous-chef as Amy Rosen shows you how to grill up chicken shawarma on the BBQ. Carson Arthur teaches you the right way to plant a tree and he has clever ideas for repurposing those black plastic plant pots you’re always getting at the garden centre. Plus, Wendy Russell has a solution for slanted floors and bowing windows – plus, she’s letting in the light on dark and gloomy spaces.