Everything you need for your New Year's Eve party!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s our Cityline New Year’s Eve Party! Tania Tonello helps you welcome the new year in style, while Tracy Peart shows you how to add a little extra sparkle to your look. Chef Randy Feltis has your NYE food covered, while Shoana Jensen shakes up cool cocktails for your party. Plus, Treasa Leigh Brown shows you how to set the scene with party décor ideas.

An $8 home gym makeover!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Cityline Rewind 2018:  Who doesn’t love to save money? It’s Thrifty Tuesday and we’re arming you with lots of money saving tips. DIY Expert Leigh Ann Allaire Perrault shows us how she redecorated her home gym for only $8, plus she reveals tricks that will maximize your profit when selling items online. Consumer Expert Shoana Jensen breaks down the cost of your morning coffee and she’ll guide you through which single serve coffee machines on the market get you the best value for your money. Janice Meredith finds deals at the thrift store and she transforms her finds into trendy pieces, and has cost saving tips to shop with the teen who only wants to wear high-end labels!

Delicious air fryer recipes worth the hype

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Still not sure if an air fryer is worth the hype? Home cook Julie Miguel’s delicious, quick recipes might be the thing to convince you! Vivian Kaye has a lesson on the art of the professional clapback, while Frank Ferragine teaches you the best ways to harvest your herbs. Candace Knights shares fall’s top nail trends. And, our panel discusses period poverty as we reveal Cityline’s new charitable initiative.

Makeover Madness with tears and cheers

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Makeover Madness is BACK – and anything can happen. The reveals will bring tears and cheers. And, as we head into the holiday party season, Tania Tonello has the style inspiration you need. Iva Grbesic has puffer jackets to keep you toasty warm and fashionable this winter. Plus, we’ve got curly hair hacks to refresh your locks and what you need to know about a new beauty trend making buzz – it’s dermatologist approved!

How to serve up your favourite delivery dishes at home!

Satisfy those takeout cravings with a homemade meal. The 3 Chefs show you how to serve up your favourite delivery dishes at home! Pro tips for making the perfect pizza from crust to toppings! Then, a healthy Mediterranean style dinner without the hassle! Simple pork souvlaki and Greek salad. Plus, a recipe you can’t mess up! Massimo’s Asian beef with black bean sauce beats take-out any time!
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Must Have Sauces in the Chinese Pantry


These are the most important sauces to have in the pantry for the preparation of most common Chinese dishes.


  1. Light Soy Sauce
  2. Dark Soy Sauce
  3. Mushroom Flavored Soy Sauce
  4. Hoisin Sauce
  5. Oyster Sauce
  6. Sesame Oil
  7. Rice Vinegar
  8. Rice Wine (Shaoxing)

Other Items to stock:

  1. Sambal Oelek
  2. Sweet Chili Sauce
  3. Black Beans
  4. White Pepper
  5. Corn Starch
  6. Rock Sugar
  7. Dry Mushrooms
  8. Dry Chilis
  9. Sesame Seeds
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