Holiday Hacks to help you survive any disaster

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Today on Cityline... it's Day 2 of our Holiday Haul and Christian Dare is also in the giving mood sharing his personal Gift Guide of affordable options for everyone on your list. Home Economist Marilyn Smith offers up Holiday Hacks to help you survive any disaster you may encounter in the kitchen this season; plus Lifestyle Expert Shoana Jensen tells us everything you need to know to host a Gingerbread decorating party.

We're kicking off our Holiday Haul week!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Today on Cityline, we’re kicking off our Holiday Haul with our single biggest day of prizing ever! With Christmas decorating in full swing, it’s all about trees on the show today with Landscaper Carson Arthur on location in a tree lot with tips for picking the perfect pine; Julia Grieve is offering up eco-friendly and sustainable tree decorating options and she’s also discussing tree skirts and collars, too. Lifestyle Expert Daniel Reyes Cocka is showcasing trending and unique holiday trees and Jyoti Nanra continues the three theme with an edible version made from sugar cookies and frosting!

Hair hacks for heatless curls

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Fashion Friday on Cityline and we're saying bye-bye to baggy and embracing shapelysilhouettes with Stylist Iva Grbesic. We've got a gift guide for the fashionista on your list that won’t bust your budget; Makeup Expert Brittany Grey is breaking down the difference between cream blush and powder blush; Sarah Amson has hair hacks for heatless curls and of course we’ve got another 60-Minute Makeover with jaw-dropping results!
Products and Services

Satin Blazer, Magenta, $69
Satin Pleated Dress, Magenta, $69
Block Heel Shoes, Black, $49
Embellished Clutch, Black, $49
Corduroy Pant, Ecru, $49
Turtleneck, Light Oat Mix, $35
Faux Fur Coat with Primaloft, Off White, $119
Cable Knit Cardi, Red, $49
Fair Isle Pullover, Black, $49
Button Down Shirt, Red, $35
Teddy Fleece Jacket, Black, $49
Chino, Black, $34
Trapper Hat, Light Red, $12
Teddy Fleece Jacket, Red, $24
Graphic Sweater, Black, $24
Corduroy Pants, Black, $22
Flannel Shirt, Red, $19
Knit Beanie, Knit Beanie, Bright Pink, $12
Holiday Dress, Bright Pink, $29
Velour Puffer Jacket, Blue, $39
Glitter Boots, Light Pink, $24
Quilted Active Shacket with Primaloft, Lilac, $69
Quilted Active Pant with Primaloft, Lilac, $69
Scarf, Red, $24
Snowflake Pullover, Red, $59
Faux Fur Ear Muffs, White, $16
Cable Knit Beanie, Bright Blue, $19
Pajama Pant, Black, $16
Faux Suede Slippers, Bronze, $24
Teddy Fleece Jacket, Camel, $39


It’s Home Day on Cityline!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Home Day on Cityline and we’re celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah starting with imagining the childhood Christmas that Designer Brian Gluckstein never had; we’re also taking a look at Hanukkah Traditions with the Festival of Lights just a week away, plus we’ve got an Italian twist on a cold weather staple: hot chocolate. Renovation Expert Scott McGillivray is here to help us pick the perfect couch for your space and Interior Designer Shai DeLuca has the tips you need to turn your guest bedroom into a luxe suite that could rival any top hotel.

The connection between your brain and gut

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Today on Cityline, it's Wellness Wednesday and we've got a holiday gift guide that won't wound your wallet, we're exploring the connection between your brain and your gut and we're putting "natural" cleaning products to the test to see if they really work. Amy Rosen is taking us through a delicious recipe for a tasty Hanukkah treat; Financial Expert Ashley Nguyen explains exactly how Buy Now, Pay Later works and Juno-nominated singer Shawnee Kish is here to perform a song from her brand-new EP.