Everything you need to know about relationships

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s our Relationship Special and we’re exploring all angles – from throwing a Breakup Party with Rebecca Chan, to reframing divorce in a candid conversation with Janice Meredith, to exploring how we might be taking the wrong approach in our search for the perfect partner. Plus, we discuss navigating queer and intersectional relationships with Yaz, and explore online dating trends with Winston Sih. And, single serve: Jyoti Nanra bakes perfect desserts for one.

Kick off spring in style!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. We’re kicking off Spring in style! Janice Meredith shows us how to weather spring with functional – and fashionable – rain gear. We’re going in the garden with Carson Arthur for D.I.Y. gardening hacks to make our green thumbs greener! Plus, Chef Jason Parsons serves up the perfect Spring dish full of seasonal flavours, and Riley Yesno teaches us about the importance of the Spring Equinox from an Indigenous perspective.

This season's trending hair colours

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Fashion Friday and we’re going all green, everything! Julianne Costigan shows you the best ways to rock the stylish hue this season. Janice Meredith ushers us into trench coat season with the hottest new styles to try, while Iva Grbesic has a lesson on embodying the “quiet luxury” trend. Allison Hill lets us in on the season’s trending hair colours, and how to choose the right one for you. Plus, Tracy Peart shows us how to create the perfect shower routine for glowing, happy skin.

Bring spring into your home

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Home Day and Shai DeLuca has contemporary ways to bring the art deco trend into your home. Then: the internet made me buy it! Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault shares the home products she was influenced to purchase – and her honest reviews on them. Plus, from fabulous faux florals to easy swaps, Sarah Gunn helps you bring spring into your home. And, Chef Matt Dean Pettit brings European flair to the Cityline kitchen with a D.I.Y. raclette recipe.

How to get over a breakup

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Wellness Wednesday and Brent Bishop has a lesson on primal movements and the exercises our bodies are hard-wired to understand. Then, how do you get over a breakup? Jess O’Reilly has steps to make the process easier. Joy Asibey-Gabriel shows us why it’s time to romanticize getting dressed and turn it into a daily ritual. Martha Adams teaches us about the important connection between self-love and money, while Kathie Donovan has impactful ways to support a loved one going through a tough time. Plus, Chef Trevor Lui is sharing his chef-approved secrets for making the best fried rice.