We’re giving in to our Dark Side!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Halloween on Cityline and we’re giving in to our Dark Side! Christian Dare is here to showcase some “Dark Cocktails” while Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault shows us not to fear using dark colours in our decorating. Stylist Julia Grieve takes us through the world of the “Dark Academia” trend that’s popping up everywhere and gives preppy style a spooky twist; plus Beauty Expert Tracy Peart gives us a tutorial for dark and smoky eye makeup.

Last-minute Halloween décor ideas

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s All Hallows’ Eve and Pop Culture Expert Teri Hart stops by to highlight the scary movies you need to watch. Product Testing Expert Daniel Reyes examines press on nails and shows us how to get that salon look at home, while DIY Expert Monique Taylor Yee Shui is here for some last minute do-it-yourself Halloween décor ideas you can easily put together yourself. Plus Travel Expert Natalie Preddie gives us an inside look at a brand new all-inclusive resort in Quebec. 

It's Fashion Friday on Cityline!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Fashion Friday and our Glam Squad are taking on a seasonal challenge with a spooktacular Bridal makeover you’re going to have to see to believe. Stylist Julia Greive shares some great Do-It-Yourself pop-culture inspired Halloween costume ideas; Hair Expert Sarah Amson unveils the seasons hottest hair trends and Beauty Expert Brittany Gray is going to cut down your morning routine with her “Five Minute Face” makeup tutorial.

It's home day on Cityline!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Home Day on Cityline and our experts have tons of tips and tricks to upgrade your home décor without breaking the budget. Design & DIY Expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault takes us through her own bedroom makeover and shares all of her projects that transformed her boring boudoir into a Parisian-themed show room. The Bro-Laws stop by for a Tiling 101 lesson as part of a spectacular bathroom transformation they recently completed for a client and Chef Paul Lillakas comes to the rescue for a viewer with a daunting dinner dilemma!

We're showcasing “inclusive” clothing

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Wellness Wednesday and Cityline fashion expert Myles Sexton is showcasing “inclusive” clothing for people with disabilities; Financial Expert Bruce Sellery spotlights a money-drain you might not even be fully aware of: Your subscription addictions. Bruce takes us through what we need to do to reign in the spending and unsubscribe; while Chef Matt Dean Pettit stops by with a ghoulishly garlicky recipe that will keep the vampires at bay this Halloween!