We're seeing all-things RED!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s Fashion Friday and we’re seeing red! Red is a very trendy colour right now and we’ve got you covered with red carpets, red hair, red on the runways and red makeup! Fashion & Beauty Expert Joy Asibey-Gabriel highlights some ravishing red looks and Fashion Stylist Tania Tonello shares some great red-carpet-ready outfits. Hairstylist Sal Leonetti has tips for “going red” and gives some tips to help select the shade of red that works for you. Lori Gilis showcases several beauty products that allow you to work in the red tones into your makeup routine.

Cozy up to the coziest edition of Cityline ever!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Cozy up to the coziest edition of Cityline ever! Monique Taylor-Yee Shui has the PJs and slippers you’ll want to wear everywhere, while Lisa Chang and Amanda Muse find the best blankets to curl up in. Pay Chen has ways to ditch the cold for cozy vibes, inside and outside your home. Plus, hot toddies and more: Julie Miguel shares winter drinks to warm your spirits.

How we should be handling our household waste

Hosted by Tracy Moore. Chefs Jason Parsons and Nick Liu take on the Zero Waste Challenge and whip up mouth-watering dishes using kitchen scraps, while new Cityline expert Candice Batista is talking trash with an eye-opening conversation about how we should be handling our household waste. Fashion Expert Janice Meredith looks at the latest in Athleisure clothing and we hit the ice with United We Curl and discuss inclusion in the sport of curling.

Everything you need for your New Year's Eve party!

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s our Cityline New Year’s Eve Party! Tania Tonello helps you welcome the new year in style, while Tracy Peart shows you how to add a little extra sparkle to your look. Chef Randy Feltis has your NYE food covered, while Shoana Jensen shakes up cool cocktails for your party. Plus, Treasa Leigh Brown shows you how to set the scene with party décor ideas.

How to host a festive holiday party

Hosted by Tracy Moore. It’s our Cityline Holiday House Party! Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault has fun and festive icebreaker games to guarantee there’s never a dull moment. Chef Randy Feltis has party food ideas everyone will be raving about. And don’t forget dessert: Jyoti Nanra shares some boozy bakes. Plus, Sarah Juman-Yassin shows you how to level up your charcuterie board!