August 14, 2019 – Wellness Wednesday

43:34 |

Wellness Wednesday. Here with a mouth-watering slightly decadent variation on the popular Italian Caprese salad, Yum and Yummer author Greta Podleski. Our money expert, Bruce Sellery, has advice on how to live in a cashless society. Stylist Janice Meredith has tips for packing the car for a road trip. With the essential how to guide for gaining control and confidence in our sex lives, certified sex educator and intimacy expert, Shannon Boodram joins us. Author Laurie Gelman is here to talk about being fired as a kindergarten class mom, and her latest book -You've been volunteered. Kids are not the only ones getting braces these days, many adults are opting to improve their smile. Dentist Dr. Yair Lenga joins us to talk all of your options.