How to do your makeup for ID photos

Not sure how to do your makeup for an ID photo? Check out Tracy Peart's tips!

Taking a photo for a passport or driver’s license can be daunting — you only get one shot after all! If you don’t want your picture to haunt you for five years, Tracy Peart has some makeup tips to help define your face and make you look your best for the camera.

Colour photos:

  • A shiny face creates glare in photos. Use a blotting powder beforehand to reduce any kind of shine.
  • Avoid shiny lip gloss. This can also create glare. Instead, opt for a matte lip product.
  • Save the smoky eye for later. If your eye makeup is too dramatic, your eyes will not be as visible. Instead, stick with a neutral palette and use mascara and a little eyeliner to define eyes

Black and white photos:

  • Keep in mind that everything light on your face will become lighter and everything dark will become darker when it comes to black and white photos.
  • Avoid using dark eye shadow as you might end up only seeing the white of your eyes!
  • If using blush, avoid putting it on the apples of your cheeks as the lack of colour in the photo will make your cheeks look dirty.
  • Keep lips neutral. Dark lips will end up looking black in your picture!

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