True or false? Common beauty myths debunked

Our panel of experts answers some of the most common beauty questions.

Ever wonder if drinking water is actually good for the skin? Here, our panel of beauty gurus — makeup artists Tracy Peart, Dino Dilio and Bahar Niramwalla —  clears up some of the most common beauty myths.

Myth #1: Drinking lots of water keeps your skin from drying out.
Not necessarily. Excess water itself won’t relieve dry skin, but drinking water instead of sugary drinks does help your skin’s overall health. To alleviate dry skin, make sure to use a good moisturizer or serum.

Myth #2: Powder foundations are best for summer.
Yes. Buffing powder over a moisturizer with SPF can help lock in moisture on those extra sunny days. It also feels lighter than a heavy liquid foundation.

Myth #3: You can use body lotion for your face and face lotion for your body.
Not necessarily. Most people’s skin varies depending on the part of the body. Some may have an oily face and dry elbows. You should tailor your moisturizer to your skin type.

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It all depends from person to person. Every person has a different skin texture and skin tone and one has to understand this to find out what suits best to their skin.

October 26, 2015 at 6:20 am

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