Taking your beauty routine from summer to fall

Makeup artist Tracy Peart has rounded up products that work best with our skin's changing needs and the fall colour palette.

It’s time to switch out the summer beauty products now that the cool, dry weather has started to move in. Makeup artist Tracy Peart has rounded up products that work best with our skin’s changing needs and the fall colour palette.

Skin care

Our skin is a lot oilier during the hot, summer weather, but when the cool, fall winds arrive, we need to adjust. Clinique’s new Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream is more emollient and creamer than its bestselling Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and goes on smooth. If you put it on twice a day, morning and night, it will change your skin.


When your skin is dry, so are your lips, making it difficult to apply lipstick. Sensational Kiss Lips So Soft Exfoliating Balm by Lise Watier contains sugar crystals, vitamin E and shea butter. You rub it on with your fingers and then rinse it off or leave it on overnight. The crystals will dissolve into your lips and get rid of dead skin cells.

Once you’ve exfoliated your lips, you have to moisturize. Evolution of Smooth’s popular Visibly Soft Lip Balms, with their distinct egg shape, leave your lips feeling really smooth. The company launched three new flavours this month: blackberry nectar (Tracy’s favourite), vanilla mint and coconut milk.

Pitch out your summer lip gloss. The ’90s are back this fall, and it’s all about matte textured lipstick in plum-black and oxblood colours. Try MAC’s Instigator, Smoked Purple or Studded Kiss lipsticks. If you don’t like a matte finish, go for Cyber or Sin.


In colder weather, white skin needs more coverage for the redness in the nose and cheek area. Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 by MAC, with medium to full coverage, also provides a barrier between the wind and skin.


Trendy right now is the wash of gold or bronze over the eyelid. Maybelline’s The Nudes Palette contains both of these, plus other neutral colours which work for for everyday wear for light and dark skin. It also has two darker colours to contour the eye.


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