4 ways to protect your eyes as they age

Black circles or puffy eyes getting you down? Tracy Peart shows us how to prevent and treat the most common eye issues.

Black circles or puffy eyes getting you down? Beauty expert Tracy Peart shows us how to prevent and treat four of the most common eye issues we face as we age.

  • Eye dullness: Prevent tired, lifeless-looking eyes by drinking a lot of water, which will help flush the bad toxins out of your body and make your eyes appear clearer. If you’re already suffering from dull eyes, Tracy suggests trying Jurlique‘s Nutri-Define eye contour balm or cotton pads soaked in pure, diluted rosewater.
  • Puffy eyes: Watch your sodium intake if you’re trying to prevent puffy eyes — excess salt will cause your body to retain more water and lead to puffiness. Already suffering from puffy eyes? Try La Roche-Posay‘s Toleraine Ultra eye contour or good, old-fashioned cucumbers on your eyes!
  • Dark circles: We know it sounds obvious, but you really do need to get a good night’s sleep to prevent dark circles under your eyes! But if you need more help fighting off the warrior look, Tracy suggests applying Joe Fresh‘s firm eye cream or almond oil.
  • Fine lines or wrinkles: Aging is inevitable, but you can help prevent the development of fine lines by wearing sunglasses so that you squint less when you’re outdoors. But if you’re already plagued with a few wrinkles, try Clinique‘s smart custom eye repair treatment or dabbing pineapple juice around your eyes.

Need more help fighting your eye issues? Watch Tracy’s video below:

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