3 style tips for wearing your spring clothes now

Want to wear your spring clothes but are afraid it's too cold? Stylist, Vanessa Taylor shares 3 style tips so you can start wearing your spring clothes now and still be warm and comfortable.

Stylist, Vanessa Taylor gives us three tips when it comes to buying spring clothes right now and how to wear them now while it’s still cold.

#1 – What jacket can I buy now, that I will definitely wear in Spring?

Bomber jacket! Paired with a cropped wide leg trouser & sneaker to finish the look.
Wear now: as a blazer or cardigan
Wear later: as a light summer-weight jacket

#2 – 3 flats that don’t look like grandma shoes I can wear this Spring?

New ballet flat: laced up or elastic
Embellished loafer: perforated/metallic
Sleek sneaker/the dressy sneaker: pointy toe/finished in leather/suede

#3 – What styling tricks can I use that make spring dresses wearable now?

Bright, bold printed spring dress as the base – the easiest way to transition your wardrobe is with layering.
Option #1 Over: wear a boyfriend style blazer or moto overtop of a sleeveless or short sleeve spring dress. A darker colour will ground the look in this transitional time.
Option #2 Under: layer a thin turtleneck or long sleeve top underneath a sleeveless dress to wear this when it’s chill.

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