Dr. Joey's top 8 bikini ready foods

Get ready to hit the beach healthy and lean by incorporating these Dr. Joey-approved superfoods into your diet!

Great news—there are certain foods that can help to balance blood sugars, ward off hunger and reduce inflammation naturally. Integrate these tips into a healthy diet and your bikini body will thank you.

1. Potassium-rich foods — Potassium is a nutrient that flushes out water and salt, so it can help you look less bloated!

Examples: Bananas, plain yogurt, acorn squash.

2. Cinnamon  Cinnamon helps to reduce the levels of the hormone insulin and burns belly fat.

Examples: Incorporate cinnamon sticks in your cooking and sprinkle cinnamon on apples.

 3. Grapefruit — Grapefruits contain a phytochemical called naringenin that can help to balance blood sugars and burn fat. In fact, a study published in the journal Metabolism showed that abdominal fat dropped by an inch in just 6 weeks with the introduction of grapefruit.

4. Foods that contain capsaicin — Researchers found that eating food that contains capsaicin can boost your caloric burn by 25% for several hours after consuming it.

Examples: Mustard, peppers, hot peppers.

 5. Turmeric  Reduces inflammation, works on genetic mechanism that is responsible for inflammation and obesity.

Examples: Turmeric powder, turmeric capsule.

6. Walnuts — The nut packed with the most omega-3 fatty acid. Just 3-5 walnuts will ward off hunger. Dr. Joey recommends travelling with them.

7. Avocado oil — Contains oleic acid, a good fat that helps burn belly fat.

8. Spinach  The green membrane contains a natural appetite suppressant called thylakoids.

Happy snacking!

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