Sheet pan dinner taken to new levels, how to efficiently negotiate your salary at a new job, and a whole body workout circuit!
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What is a Bosu ball?


It actually stands for BOth Sides Up. It's often used to help make stabile exercises more challenging and engage the core muscles that are required in balance.

The BOSU ball helps improve balance because the unstable surface forces you to use your core muscles to keep from falling off the ball. Strong core muscles help your balance and posture during the activities of daily life.

The Bosu ball can also be used to help with the rehabilitation of certain injuries, ex. ankle mobility and strength development.


5 exercises to work the entire body


Warm up-  bosu burpee

1. Bosu Squats
2. Bosu Side lunge
3. Bosu plank and push up
4. Bosu Mountain climbers
5. Bosu bridge

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Negotiating your salary when you get a job offer


The best time to negotiate your salary is when you have a job offer in writing.
• Because you’re in the most powerful position. They’ve interviewed the competition and decided you’re the best.
• Don’t accept a low salary thinking you’ll hustle and ask for a raise in a year. By then you’ve already set the precedent for how little you’re willing to settle for (less powerful position.


What if they ask you for your salary expectations in the job interview?
• Have a number in mind. The best amount is an amount that will make you excited to go to work every day.
• You can compare what people are making at similar jobs at websites like Glass Door or Indeed or Get Raised. (And if you don’t have enough info about the scope of the job yet, ask questions in the interview.)


Make a counteroffer if you’re not happy with the offer.
• You probably won’t have to do this in person (email or phone usually).
• 3 rules of the counteroffer: express enthusiasm for the job, reinforce the value you bring, ask for more.


Don’t freak out if they won’t negotiate.
• For some employers there is truly no wiggle room (e.g., some regulated union jobs.)
• If you ask for more and the salary is capped they’ll tell you (but if you don’t ask you’ll never know.


Remember you can walk away.
• Don’t accept any job offer with a salary you’ll resent. Simply make a decision to accept or reject the offer.
• If you decide to walk, do it with grace. Say something like, “I’m thrilled to be the chosen candidate and I’m very interested in the job, but in order to accept the offer I would need $___. If that’s not feasible I understand and I hope our paths cross in the future.

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