A Splash Of Rum

Three summer cocktails to try, all featuring rum.

Hosting a summer party? Here are three refreshing cocktails to try, all featuring rum.

Havana Club Mojito (easy, but needs a muddler)

1 spoonful of sugar
The juice of half a lime
Fresh mint
1.5 oz of Havana Club Añejo Blanco Rum
Sparkling water

Method: Muddle mint, lime and sugar at the bottom of a glass Add ice, rum and sparkling water, and some mint leaves to garnish.


Malibu Sun Splash

1 parts Malibu coconut rum
1 part pressed pineapple juice
1 parts pink grapefruit juice

Method: Stir all the ingredients on rock ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a twist of grapefruit and a pineapple wedge.


Malibu Island Cosmo (easy for upscale Caribbean vibe)

1 part (1.5 oz) Malibu coconut rum
1/3 part Absolut Citron
1/3 part lime juice
1/2 part pomegranate juice

Method: Shake on with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange and lemon zest.

Recipes courtesy Shoana Jensen

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