Tracy Moore

After a decade as the host of the beloved lifestyle show Cityline, Tracy Moore says “it’s a dream gig,” and she’s as excited to go to work today as she was on Day 1. Tracy is fearlessly authentic, engaging, fun, constantly curious and so relatable that Cityline fans call her their “girlfriend.” Between commercial breaks, she has been known to sing and dance with the live studio audience. The show’s experts are like family, “we laugh just as much in commercial breaks, as we do on air.”

Tracy starts her day with meditation, a Bulletproof coffee and a good sweat. When she’s not squatting 200 pounds, she’s a powerhouse on social media, engaging with Cityline fans. Tracy once read a 600-page book in one day. She is a voracious reader who consumes books, like she does chocolate – with gusto. She has been on Hello! Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” List, carried the torch for the Pan Am Games, thrown the first pitch at a Toronto Blue Jays game, Hosted the LIVE Grammy’s red carpet show; and twice a year designs her own fashion line ‘Tracy Moore by Freda’s.’ And although Tracy is a stiletto shoe-aholic, at all moments of the day, she has emergency Birkenstocks backstage and under her desk.

After the show, Tracy can be found on her living room rug in a heated game of Uno with her kids Sidney and Eva, and fur baby Ozzie. Her husband Lio, who works in the financial industry, is her biggest cheerleader, and he’s a darn good cook too. Tracy says being a mother is hands down her biggest accomplishment to date. If she has learned anything in life, it’s that most situations can be handled with a healthy dose of laughter.

Rewind a decade, and Tracy spent most of her days in the new trenches as a news reporter and anchor, covering LIVE breaking news events. Her switch to lifestyle was unplanned, and she says “it’s been an incredible gift.”

Tracy wears her heart on her sleeve. One of her top priorities is female empowerment and boosting the self-esteem of young girls. Every year, Tracy emcees the Trust 15 annual gala and frequently hosts high profile fundraisers like the Children’s Aid Society’s Standup for Kids Night and the Grocery Foundation’s Night to Nurture. Tracy says that, Growing up, my family would gather around the television every time there was a face of colour. It didn’t happen often. I grew up wanting to be the face other little girls could look up to. So now, when I am on TV, I’m always thinking of the faces who are inspired. I am filled with gratitude, am blessed and don’t take it for granted.”


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