Frankie's Fall Prep Tips

Fall is a great time to plant for a number of reasons, Frank Ferragine explains.

When you think gardening, particularly planting, you likely think springtime.

But fall is a great time to plant for a number of reasons, Frank Ferragine, aka Frankie Flowers, explains.

“We have nice warm soil temperatures, warm days, cool nights, in general a greater frequency of rain,” he notes. “So perfect conditions for root establishment.”

There are great deals to be had in autumn on trees, shrubs and perennials, all of which can be planted at this time of year. Gardeners also can do divisions right now.

A few of the spring flowering bulbs you might see in stores include daffodils, tulips, frittilaria, and alliums. Be careful with daffodils if you have pets and small children, as they’re poisonous. You might want to plant them if you have an issue with squirrels or rabbits, however — they will instinctively avoid these flowers.

Another thing to keep in mind if you find critters are digging up your garden — use blood meal, not bone meal, for root establishment as the latter will attract them. The former won’t. Pelletized chicken manure is also good as a repellent.

For more fall prep tips from Frankie, watch the video clip below.