's Holiday Gift Guide: Kimberley's top 5 gifts for the traveller

Need help buying the perfect gift this holiday season? Kimberley Seldon shares her top 5 gifts for the traveller.

Need help buying the perfect gift this holiday season? We’ve asked some of our guest experts for their top present picks, based on their area of expertise.

Here, Kimberley Seldon shares her top 5 gift ideas for the traveller:

1. Slippers from Bucky: “They are plush interiors, they are ballet style, they come with their own little bag, and as soon as the plane is settled and I’ve got my seatbelt on, I’m taking my shoes off and I’m putting on my Bucky’s,” says Kimberley. “They’re also great for hotel rooms, too, because you don’t want to run around in your bare feet in a hotel room!”

2. Sunscreen from Sun Bum: If you’re travelling only with carry-on luggage, how do you pack your sunscreen? “I found some wonderful travel-sized sunscreens from Sun Bum,” says Kimberley. “You’d expect a company that comes from Cocoa Beach, Florida to know something about sun products!”

3. SuitSuit hard case luggage: “One of my frustrations when I’m travelling is when you’re waiting for your bag to come off the belt and your black bag looks like everybody’s black bag! So I looked for suitcases that are really identifiable, like the ones from SuitSuit. They’re hard cases, high-impact graphics, and they’re really, really a lot of fun,” enthuses Kimberley.

4. Powermonkey portable charger: “Another dilemma that hits us when we’re travelling is how do you charge your iPod, your iPad, all the things that you want to travel with you,” explains Kimberley. “So there’s a wonderful portable power charger called Powermonkey which you can pre-charge and use that to power up all your electronics and it’s a really great thing to have with you when you’re on the road.”

5. Designer Bags on Wheels: “This is a wonderfully practical laptop bag that looks very stylish that has a pull-up handle so you can wheel it as a carry-on. It’s chic enough to take with you to the next home show or any kind of a weekend trip, as well,” says Kimberley.

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