’s Holiday Gift Guide: Kathy Buckworth's top 5 gifts for the mom-on-the-go

Need help buying the perfect gift this holiday season? We asked Kathy Buckworth for her top gift ideas for the busy mom.

Need help buying the perfect gift this holiday season? We’ve asked some of our guest experts for their top present picks, based on their area of expertise.

Here, Kathy Buckworth shares her top 5 gift ideas for the mom-on-the-go:

1. A smartphone: “Not only is it good for keeping track of your appointments, but you can also download an app and hand it to your child to keep them entertained while you’re on the go.”

2. Deck of cards: “I have older kids, so I take these cards everywhere with me. If you’re stuck waiting at an airport, restaurant, doctor’s office, it’s a quiet toy that other people around you don’t mind.”

3. SkinFix: “It’s a great product — it really helps with all kinds of skin problems.”

4. MAC Studio Fix: “This is the greatest cover-up ever. If you find yourself out for the day and you know you’re going to be meeting friends later, or you just want to freshen up. Honestly, I love this stuff.”

5. Blank notebook and pen: “It’s partly for the kids, and partly for me. I never know if I’m going to write an idea down for work, a shopping list, somebody I need to call that I’ve forgotten, a note to hand to the teacher. Sometimes a pen and paper is the biggest essential to have in your purse.”