Helpful tips for travelling with your kids

Kathy Buckworth shares some great tips for stress-free family vacations.

With the kids finally off school and summer officially kicked off, you might be preparing for a family vacation! While a family trip is a great bonding experience, it can also add a lot of stress to your family dynamics. “It starts with planning,” says parenting expert Kathy Buckworth. “If you plan enough, you can take a lot of the stress out of it.”

Before you jet off, Kathy says it’s important to start thinking about the basics, like making sure you have the right travel insurance. Next, look into vaccinations – even if you’re heading to Calgary or California where you don’t need a vaccination, be sure to check that your children won’t be missing a scheduled one while you’re away.

Kathy’s next tip is to have packing lists for your kids, especially if they want to pack their own bags. Kathy warns to be sure to check over their bags (without them knowing!) to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything. If you have younger kids who aren’t quite pros with reading yet, Kathy likes to make a visual packing list with pictures of items to pack.

Once you’re finally off and away, having activities to keep your kids occupied is key! Kathy loves washable and dry erase Crayola products to keep them entertained while keeping the mess to a minimum.

If you’re travelling by car, look for car games with pieces that are magnetic such as checkers or hangman. Another great organizational tool for road trips is a fold-up cooler and mini car organizer to keep things accessible.

If you’re travelling with a tween who wants to carry her own things, look for a small carry-on purse with lots of zippers and compartments to keep their things safe and organized.

For more travel advice from Kathy, check out the clip below!