Staying cool while applying makeup

Tracy Peart has tips for keeping cool while applying makeup in the summer heat.

You know that feeling when you’re applying your makeup and it’s so humid that it’s hard to do it without sweating up a storm? It’s not the most glamorous part of summer, but Tracy Peart has some tips for keeping cool while applying makeup. “There’s nothing worse than when trying to apply makeup and sweating during that.” she says. Read below for her expert advice!

Put your hair up: Don’t wear your hair down the back of your neck, it will make you hot. Instead, opt for a bun or ponytail.

Bring a fan close: If you have a fan in the room or an air conditioning unit, make sure it is pointing at you.

Dab a rubbing alcohol-soaked paper towel on the back of your neck: “This is an old makeup artist trick” says Tracy. The rubbing alcohol has a cooling effect and will cool down your entire body. This is great for hot flashes also!

Refrigerate your foundation: You can refrigerate your liquid foundation to have a cooling sensation when you apply it. Tracy warns, “Be careful not to put any cream makeup, like lipsticks or concealers, in fridge, as this will change the consistency.”

Less is better: With your foundations and concealers, only put the product in the areas where you need the coverage. Don’t put it all over your face like you do in the winter!

Lightweight products: To set your makeup, use a light powder or a mineral powder. This will help keep everything in place.

Eye-paints: Instead of eyeshadow, use an eye-paint product. The eye-paint will last throughout the day, when an eyeshadow might come off. Be careful when applying this product as eye-paints dry really quickly.

Waterproof mascara: “Waterproof means water-resistant; you’re not putting a coat of steel on your lashes!” says Tracy, it will be more protective than regular mascara but don’t go swimming the English Channel!

For more tips from Tracy, watch the clip below!

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