Last-minute stocking stuffer ideas

Stumped on what to fill up those Christmas stockings with? Here are a few last-minute ideas sure to please!

When shopping for Christmas presents, it’s easy to forget about the stockings. Suddenly we’re out of time, and we don’t know how we’ll possibly fill them. (By the way, filling them halfway with clementines is cheating!)

Here are a few of our favourite stocking stuffer ideas — they’re thoughtful (which they’ll love) and easy to find (which you’ll appreciate).

Hand cream and lip balm: Winter weather wreaks havoc on skin, so an extra tube of hand cream or lip balm definitely won’t go to waste. Buy their favourite brand, if you know it. All-over moisturizer is another great bet.

New gloves, mittens, scarf or hat: Mittens and gloves are forever going missing, so buy your loved ones an extra pair of warm woollen ones. If you’re buying for someone sporty, check out a sporting equipment store for a pair that’s well-insulated and waterproof. There are special types for outdoor runners, as well. Or, consider buying an extra scarf or hat in a different colour or style. It’s nice to have a few options, some dressy, some casual.

Socks: We personally love giving bright and colourful Christmas socks to our nearest and dearest — think stripes, polka-dots, Christmas motifs, etc. — but really any kind will do. We can never have too many pairs, and they’re not always something we think to buy for ourselves.

Cinema gift card: All the big Oscar-bait movies come out at Christmastime, which is also when many of us actually have an afternoon or evening to actually head out to one. Buy enough to cover two tickets and a popcorn, and the movie lover in your life will thank you. Hey, they might even take you as their guest!

Their favourite magazine: Whether it’s a gossip rag, a news or sports digest, or the latest issue of their favourite cooking magazine, magazines fit perfectly into a stocking and they’re a fun item to flip through on Christmas morning. At this time of year, many magazines put out best-of special issues, or year-end recaps. Pair it with a subscription for a gift they’ll enjoy for months to come. Or, buy them a subscription to Next Issue, which allows them access to more than 100 magazines at once.

Tree ornament: Giving a new Christmas tree ornament each year is a tradition we’re particularly fond of. Many stores sell single ornaments. If you can, consider buying an ornament that reminds you of them. Something sports-themed if they love sports, food-related if they love to cook, or city-inspired if they love to travel. Of course you can never go wrong with the classics — stars, balls, and nature-themed ornaments always look pretty on a tree, particularly if they’re made with natural materials.

Hobby-related items: If the person you’re buying for has a particular hobby, take that into consideration when you’re buying their stocking stuffers. Do they play a sport? Buy them some sports accessories (golf balls and tees, tennis balls, running socks, etc.). If they enjoy knitting or DIY projects, head to your local arts and crafts store and pick them up some fresh supplies. For the aspiring cook or baker, small items such as whisks, tongs, citrus juicers, and jars of spice mixes will fit nicely into a stocking.

What do you fill your loved ones’ stockings with? Add your ideas in the comments below!