The top 10 flicks to watch this Mother’s Day

Grab the popcorn, blankets, and possibly a box of tissues! We present our fave Mother’s Day flick picks to watch with your one and only mom.

Our top 10 flicks to watch this Mother’s Day

What should you do this Mother’s Day beyond the flowers, cards, and gifts? Curl up with your family and press play! Without further ado (in no particular order), we present our top Mother’s Day-inspired movies to watch on her special day.

1. Mamma Mia!
If your mom is a big ABBA fan, this one is for her. Mamma Mia explores the story of a mother and her free-spirited, bride-to-be daughter looking for her birth father. This musical will have you and your mom singing along, laughing, and maybe shedding a couple tears.

2. Freaky Friday
I will give you the option of whether you watch the 1976 original or the 2003 remake as both are pretty great. With a hilarious mother-daughter soul switch, this film takes you through the hardships and lovable relationship between a mother and daughter.

3. The Sound of Music
Two words: Julie Andrews. This classic follows a single woman who becomes the governess to seven children of a rough-around-the-edges Naval officer widower, Captain Georg von Trapp. After several failed attempts, she finally wins their love, including the love of The Captain.

4. Stepmom
Mix a birth mother and a soon-to-be stepmother together and what do you get? Great cinema turmoil! Starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon, this film shares the story of a terminally-ill mother who must accept the idea of her ex-husband and children with another (and exceptionally younger) woman. Definitely worth a watch!

5. The Parent Trap
Again, you can choose which version you watch, but this film is both weepy and funny. Two teenage twins meet for the first time at camp and switch places — all in hopes of reuniting their divorced parents. We get to follow each girl’s experience with the other parent (one finally gets to see what having a dad is like and the other gets to hang out with her mom). I’m not saying you need a box of tissues, but I’m suggesting you bring one — just in case.

6. Steel Magnolias
This list wouldn’t be complete without a tear-jerker. This all-female film delves into the (as the title suggests) strong relationships between mothers, daughters, and friends — the perfect movie for Mother’s Day.

7. The Princess Bride
Okay, I threw this one in here because I am obsessed with it. But your mom will also love it for the witty dialogue, the comedic characters, the endless-love story, and perhaps Westley and Inigo Montoya’s undeniably good looks. Swoon!

8. The Incredibles
This one is for the entire family with kids of any age. This Disney classic is a definite good time with its comedic and family-oriented plot. This Super Family stresses the importance of sticking together through the easy and hard times. This one will definitely leave you all with a full heart.

9. Terms of Endearment
Ahh yes, another film that will pull on the heart-strings, guaranteed. The relationship between a mother and daughter is tested over three decades of dysfunction and eventually rekindled with a tragic ending. Sounds fun, right? But really, this is a fantastic movie that you and your mom will both love.

10. Thelma and Louise
Not exactly a mother-daughter bonding film, but it is certainly one you will both enjoy from the beginning to end. This film explores two women who go on the run and embrace their new-found freedom in a ’66 Thunderbird. What’s not to love?

What’s your fave movie to watch with your mom? Share your picks in the comments below!