Apple, pear, and rectangle: How to dress for your body type

Want to accent your best features? Stylist Iva Grbesic teaches us tips for dressing to best suit our own body shape.

Want to accent your best features? Stylist Iva Grbesic teaches us tips for dressing to best suit our own body shape, including what types of clothes to wear and what items you should avoid.

Apple shapes: This refers to women with large busts, narrow hips and slim legs. Many women with apple shapes think that the best way to dress their large bust is to hide it under tops that come up right to the neck. In truth, these women should do the complete opposite and wear v- or scoop neck tops. This will draw our eyes up the neck to their beautiful faces. Women with this shape should wear clothing that highlights their great legs and cleavage.

What to wear:

  • V- or scoop neck tops which make you look in proportion
  • Solid coloured tops
  • Printed bottoms
  • Pants and skirts that are nipped in at the waist will give you an hour-glass shape
  • Thin layers: a thin sweater over a button-down shirt is a great cold weather option
  • Pencil skirts that show off your great legs
  • Wrap dresses that create a small waist

Need to avoid:

  • Tops that have a skinny strap. Apple-shaped women need to wear a good bra, and skinny straps don’t allow for proper support.
  • Large prints, ruffled tops and oversized tops. These exaggerate how large the bust is and adds weight on top. This is also true for tight tops.
  • Tight bottoms accentuate large busts
  • Pants that are too wide or skirts with too much fabric

Entire outfit including shoes from Tristan.

Pear shapes: The pear shape is the most common woman’s body shape. Your hips and backside are wider than your shoulders. Pear shapes also have a smaller bustline. You are blessed with a naturally small waist and that’s what you want to emphasize.

What to wear:

  • You can wear almost any fitted top you want, but avoid anything tight. This will over-accentuate the proportion difference between your chest and hips/bum.
  • A-line dresses, skirts and tops show off your upper body and small waist and are slimming around the hips. Full skirts are another option that achieves the same desired affect.
  • Wide pants balance a pear-shaped body.
  • Subtle prints on top keep the emphasis where your best features are.
  • Floaty shorts

What to avoid:

  • Cargo pants or funky pockets add weight and bulk on the bottom and need to be avoided.
  • Loud prints on skirts or pants
  • All-over tight skirts will make you look bottom heavy.
  • Oversized tops or bottoms will only add bulk to your frame.

Dress and coat from Le Chateau, shoes from Guilhermina

Rectangle shape, also called boy/athletic shape: This shape is characterized by the waist, hip and shoulders being similar and usually on the slim side. Slender rectangle shapes have an athletic look to them. Your best features are your arms and legs, and you don’t need to minimize any of your other features. What you do need to do is create curves.

What to wear:

  • Tops with collars, ruffles and detail to flatter your chest
  • Long jackets that create a lean silhouette
  • A good bra that will accentuate what you have
  • Dresses that have ruching because they will create a defined waist
  • You can wear any type of pants you want, have fun and be daring!

What to avoid:

  • Anything with too much embellishment or frills. This will overpower your frame.
  • Avoid bulky coats or tops, same reasoning as above.
  • Double-breasted blazers or coats, they will make you look boxy and too straight.

Outfit from White House Black Market, shoes from Guilhermina

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