7 tips for taming tangled hair

Tame tangled hair this fall and winter with these tips from hairstylist Bill Rowley.

No matter what your age or your ethnicity, hairstylist Bill Rowley shows us the best products and techniques for detangling your hair.

1. Pre-brush hair with a bristle brush. Start at the ends and work up.

2. Use both a gentle shampoo and massaging motion when washing your hair. Shampooing twice is better than one big scrub.

3. Use conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner are paired up for a reason — They work better that way.

4. For thick or very fine hair, spray conditioner or detangler is a must. It closes the hair cuticle and makes the hair shiny and weightless.

5. Comb or brush out hair after gently towel-drying it. Blot hair — Don’t rub it with a towel. Use a wide-tooth comb or gentle, open-bristle brush.

6. Sometimes on really fine, tangled hair, if you gently blow-dry it on low with the blower pointed down, the tangles will loosen up.

7. Try an ionic brush to get rid of static.