How to take your measurements

During the Cityline Weight Loss Challenge, Dr. Joey recommends weighing yourself once a week and taking your measurements every other week.

How to take your measurements
While on the Cityline Weight Loss Challenge, it is important to take your measurements weekly. Measurements include weighing yourself once per week only (same time of day in similar clothing) and taking measurements.  Below you will find instruction on how to take your circumference measurements. All you will need is a scale (digital is best) and a cloth measuring tape.

Using a loose measuring tape, take your waist circumference on bare skin (remove clothing and accessories). Stand with your feet together, start at the top of one hip bone, bringing the tape measure all the way around, level with your belly button. Ensure the measuring tape is not too tight. Relax and exhale (do not hold your breath while measuring).

Healthy waist circumferences:

  • Males: Less than 40 inches (102 cm)
  • Females: Less than 35 inches (88 cm)

If you are carrying excess weight in the stomach area, it is considered an apple shape. Excess visceral fat around the abdomen is considered to be a risk for heart disease, cancer and stroke.


Stand with feet together. Measure your hip circumference by placing the measuring tape around the widest part of your buttocks. If you are carrying excess weight in the hip region, you are considered pear shaped. This is the less common way to carry weight.


A loose measuring tape should pass around the breast region, under your armpits and across your back. The tape should be level and flat when viewed from around your side. For every 5 pounds you lose, you will lose approximately ½ inch to an inch around these 3 circumference measurements.

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