What is something that instantly boosts your mood?

We asked our viewers on Facebook about instant mood-boosters. Here's what they said!

We asked our viewers on Facebook about instant mood-boosters. Here’s what they said:

Suzanne says: “Chocolate!”

Cindy says: “Seeing my daughter smile :)”

Pam says: rainbows”

Jennifer says: “Doing something kind for someone”

Josie says: “Tickets to Cityline”

Katt says: “A visit with my grandbabies”

Miranda says: “Message”

Kim C. says: “When my adult kids love on me <3”

Kim P. says: Sunny skies. And puppies:)”

Pat says: “Kittens and puppies”

Sue says: “A hug”

Shirley says: “A hug from one of my grandsons”

Brenda says: “Hearing my best friends voice on the phone.”

Jan says: “All of the above and or hearing a Encouraging voice that’s a big boost for me”

Linda says: “SUNSHINE, I live in BC and days off from work”

Maria says: “Finding money is the best”

Charlene says: “What instantly boosts my mood i spending quality time with my son.”

Mary Lou says: “Waking up to a sunny day and spending time with my family and friends”

Lindsay says: “My children’s little voices…laughter and there big smiles”

Cindy G. says: “The smiles on my Grandkids faces…priceless:)”

Katrina says: “A new decorative item like pillows, flowers or a picture!”

September says: “Sunshine and anything with coconut in it!”

Katie says: “Hanging out with my son and exploring the world through his eyes #autism”

Francesca says: “My latte in the morning and my radio on”

Joseph says: “My mood booster would definitely have to be music!!!!”

Gabriela says: “Hearing something positive from a friend and seeing them happy I love to see my friends happy.”

Jenny Rose says: “When I get a text from my hubby or kids”

Nicole says: “Watching the songbirds outside my window!! :)”

Jean says: “Thinking of my grandchildren”

Therese says: “Time with seldom seen friends/family”

Irene says: “Finding money on the ground!”

Jacquie says: “A baby that smiles at me, as I’m walking by. Melts my heart!!”

Bonnie says: “Killer black coffee with a square of dark, butter chocolate at 2pm.”

Marilyn says: “FaceTime with my Twin sister several times a day!”

Crystal says: “When one of my girls random says “I love you mommy.” Or I get a text from my husband who works away 16 days out of the month.”

Jan V. says: “Anytime spent with my grandson! In person or Facetiming — love it all! Love him more than all the stars up in the sky!”

Charlene F. says: “That moment when you get home from work and you get the bestest warmest welcome from your dog. Best feeling in the world.”

Tami says: “Ahhh that perfectly hot but drinkable rich and creamy..strong but not too… ahhhh perfect morning coffee”

Dianne says: “Snail mail…walking down to get the mail and finding a brightly coloured envelope with a card/note from a family member or friend. An unexpected surprise to all the usual junk mail and bills typically received.”

Chris says: “Sunny days,skyping with my kids,looking at my pedicure &drinking a great cup of coffee in the morning or wine in the evening”

Denzil says: “When 4.30 comes on Fridays and I know I can spend the weekend with my family that gives me the ultimate boost”

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