3 steps to achieving your life goals

Get a handle on your finances and live the life of your dreams with these three simple steps to achieving your financial goals from Bruce Sellery.

Get a handle on your finances and live the life of your dreams with expert Bruce Sellery’s three simple steps to achieving your goals.

Step 1: What are your goals?

  • Start with the “Big 3”: mortgage, retirement and education
  • Think about goals outside of the “Big 3,” whether it’s travel, home renovations or even hobbies like going to chef school.

Step 2: Set goals for different areas of your life

Here are some examples:

  • Family: Date night once a month (dinner out and a babysitter)
  • Travel: See Wicked on Broadway
  • Health: Lose 20 pounds (gym membership, Weight Watchers, etc.)
  • Contribution: Donate to a charity
  • Experiences: Go skydiving
  • Home: Paint the house
  • Things: Get a new blender
  • Wild cards: Extras that don’t fit any of the above categories

Step 3: Create a plan

  •  Write down a plan that is realistic and shareable. Avoid being overambitious. Lowering your expectations and set yourself up to win.
  • Include the goal, frequency and cost. If you don’t have the money, rework your goal. Don’t put it on a credit card.


Goal: Have a regular date night
Frequency: Once a month
Cost: Under $100 ($30 babysitter, $70 dinner)

    1. Find a sitter by asking parents at the park.
    2. Set a date with spouse.
    3. Book the sitter.
    4. Save cash by bringing lunch to work.
    5. Set up a separate savings account with an automatic transfer of $20 a week.