7 kitchen hacks to make your life easier

Mairlyn Smith shares seven kitchen hacks that will change your life and save you time and money in the kitchen.

Who are the original kitchen hackers? Home economists of course! Home economist Mairlyn Smith shares seven kitchen hacks that will change your life and save you time and money in the kitchen.

1. Stop watering down your iced coffees

Instead of using ice cubes (which will water down cold drinks), save any leftover coffee or tea and freeze. Use these ice cubes when enjoying a refreshing iced coffee or iced tea.

2. No more wasted herbs

To preserve fresh herbs, puree with oil and freeze in baggies.

3. A better way to clean your blender

When you’re finished using your blender, add soap and water and give your blender a whirl.

4. Rid your hands of potent raw garlic

Rub your hands on stainless steel to rid your hands of the smell of garlic, this can be done with anything from your stainless steel sink to a metal spatula!

5. Peel an egg in seconds

After your egg has cooked, crack and run under water before peeling. You can also crack your eggs and put them back into cold water as they cool.

6. Don’t throw your burnt pots away

Burnt rice? Your pot is not ruined. Just put it back on the stove and add a tiny bit of hot water. Put the lid back on and wait 5-10 minutes for the burnt rice to release. You can also clean burnt pots with some baking soda and a damp cloth.

7. Instantly remove berry stains

Berries are known to stain quite easily, to instantly remove a berry stain off your shirt, place the stained portion of the shirt over a bowl and pour boiling water from about two feet away over the stain. The stain should come off right away.