Eat Clean Challenge: Day 26

Engage in the practice of mindful eating for a lower body weight, a greater sense of well being and fewer eating disorders.

 Make your meals mindful!

Eat Clean Tip #26:  

One study that followed over 1,400 people showed that mindful eaters had a lower body weight, a greater sense of well being and fewer eating disorders.

Eat clean action step:  A few steps to engage in the practice of mindful eating are eating with electronics off, making your meals last longer by eating slower and really focusing on the flavor of your food. 

Life can get hectic and often times, the first thing to go is our attention towards what we are eating. However, research is now indicating that an intuitive/mindful approach to eating can help with weight loss and a feeling of overall wellness.

Mindfulness eating has its roots in Buddhist teachings and is aimed to re-connect us more deeply with the experience of eating and enjoying our food. A few tips to promote mindful eating include;

  • Chew your food well. This will slow down your meals and force you to pay more attention. Chewing your food well will also promote digestion and absorption.
  • Put your fork down between bites. This technique helps you to focus on every element of the meal rather than shoveling your food in quickly.
  • Food journal daily. Research shows that those who food journal create a mindfulness approach to eating that promotes weight loss.
  • Sit at a table. Do not allow yourself to eat standing up.
  • Pick your favorite flavor of what you are eating. Truly try to enjoy each and every element – taste and texture.

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