DIY art - getting the gallery look

Founder of 8OO SQ FT, Nike Onile shows us 3 fabulous DIY artwork projects to get your home looking gallery ready!

Get the gallery look in your very own living room – try these 3 DIY artwork ideas that will make a beautiful difference in your home.

Faded peak painting

List of Products:
– Canvas (Size of your choosing)
– Paint (2 Colours)
– High Density Roller
– Paint Tray

1. Paint canvas with first paint colour of your choice.
2. Let dry fully
3. Roll second paint color on canvas using a high density roller starting from the bottom of the canvas. Roll either 1/3 or 2/3 leaving the upper edge of the second paint colour faded in uneven peaks

Frayed edges

List of Products:
– Frame (Size of your choosing)
– Paper or Construction Paper
– Tape
– Scissors

1. Cut paper or construction paper into strips and arrange strips in desired pattern
2. Dismantle Frame. Remove glass. You will only need the frame and frame backing (and picture mat if desired)
3. Lay frame or picture mat on arranged paper strips and mark the edges of the frame/mat
4. Cut along each of the paper strips 3/4 of the way up, creating fringes. Do not cut or create fringes on the bottom paper strip.
5. Draw scissors along the paper to curl the paper (As done to curl ribbons). Ensure not to curl fringes that will lay under the frame/mat
6. Tape each strip to the backing of the frame in a graduated fashion starting with the unfringed strip.
7. Insert backing with taped fringes into frame.

High gloss print on canvas

List of Products:
– Canvas
– Printed Image
– Spray Adhesive Glue
– Pour-on Epoxy High Gloss Finish
– Hair Drayer
– Scissors or Exacto Knife

1. Cut the printed image using scissors/exacto knife to desired size.
2. Adhere image to the canvas using spray adhesive and allow to fully dry. Follow direction on spray adhesive.
3. Prepare pour on epoxy high gloss finish by following instruction on the box. Pour epoxy finish over fully dry canvas.
4. Evenly distribute epoxy over canvas buy tilting canvas and allowing epoxy to run over the edge of the canvas.
5. To remove any air bubbles, gently wave hair dyer over canvas approximately 1.5-2 feet away. The heat from the dryer will cause air in the bubbles to rise and pop.
6. Let canvas dry as directed on epoxy box.