5 holiday hacks for easy food prep

Are you looking for simple ways to prep food this holiday season? Pay Chen has five fabulous methods to make life a little easier for you.

Wonton Wrappers – not just for wontons!
Simple ricotta and pesto ravioli – festive green colour for holidays Show different herbs as options for filling
Display other easy ways to use this store-bought item: baked as crackers, baked as easy “cups” that you can fill with fave ingredients. One cheap pack of wonton wrappers can give you multiple sweet and savoury appetizers that can be done in a hurry.

Eggs in a carton

Takes up little space and is an inexpensive lifesaver for sweet and savoury dishes. Especially easy to feed a crowd on a budget with some creativity.

Festive French Toast

Whole slices of bread dipped and baked. Cut into quarters so they fit in mason jars easily. Layer with whipped cream and fresh fruit/jam (red and white holiday visual). Display another variation to dress up simple French Toast – dulce de leche, lemon curd. Take something simple and make it look fancy in seconds.

Ramen Cups – a great savoury appetizer with an Asian twist!
The ramen food trend isn’t going anywhere but it’s messy to serve as an appetizer. With easy flavour and veggie mix-ins…make simple hand-held bites of ramen baked with eggs in muffin tins. (Think of a frittata with the addition of ramen and Asian flavours.) A fun and new appetizer to introduce to your friends and family.

Pizza Dough – this deli case item can be made into sweet desserts and satisfying appetizers.
Mini Calzones for appetizers – show various filling options and how to dress them up. Cheddar and garlic monkey bread (roll into balls, into cake pan, garlic butter, cheese) = very impressive for guests to pull apart when done! Cinnamon knots with cream cheese icing dip