Holiday calorie exchange workout

Holiday season brings Christmas parties and friends and family get togethers! Moderation can be a challenge but awareness is everything.

Holiday season brings Christmas work parties and friends and family get togethers! With that comes food and drink …most of the time in excess.  Moderation can be a challenge but awareness is everything…

The Holiday Calories Workout is a great way to burn excess calories and also create awareness of your consumption.

3 Key Exercises

  1. Burpees
  2. High Knee Running
  3. Jump Squats

3 tips to avoid over indulging:

  1. Don’t drink your caloriesTry to moderate the consumption of fruit juices, sodas and alcohol over the holidays.  It is very easy to consume a lot of calories in liquid form.  Try drinking two large glasses of water before every alcoholic beverage – you’ll end up drinking less calories and maintaining better hydration.
  2. Pre-mingle meal
    Try having a healthy meal prior to going to a holiday party…you’ll indulge much less later on.  Going on an empty stomach will make all those goodies much more irresistible.
  3. Commit to the Circuit
    Committing to a realistic 20-30 min. strength conditioning circuit before your day starts, not only jump starts your metabolism but sets the right mindset for staying active and making healthier food choices during the holidays. Working the large muscles of the body (legs) with minimal will increase oxygen demand, keep your heart rate up and maximize calorie expenditure.