Regaining motivation—7 steps to break out of your weight loss rut

It is common to lose a little bit of your weight loss footing along the way but don't get frustrated. Dr. Joey is here to help you get back on track with these 7 steps you need to reach your final goal!

So, you have been following your weight loss program for a month or so, have lost some weight and are feeling better – but for some reason your motivation is waning slightly. Maybe you have hit a plateau or feel that old bad habits are sneaking back in (i.e. nighttime eating). If this is the case, not to worry.

It is common to lose a little bit of your weight loss footing along the way. However, because you have come this far, I am here to help you get back on track and give yourself the necessary kick start you need to reach your final goal.

If you have hit a weight loss rut or plateau, follow these 7 simple steps to get back on track.

Step 1 – You must food journal. If you have stopped writing down your daily intake, simply download the free food journal here. Research is very clear, those who food journal lose more weight.

Step 2 – Keep your eye on timing. Your food intake matters the most after 3 p.m. Most people start their day off quite well, only not to finish it off the same way. Make sure to have a planned and proper 3-4 p.m snack and to enjoy a grain free dinner.

Step 3 – Drink your water. Optimal hydration is key to weight loss. I am sure you are tired of hearing me beat the water drum – but 2 liters of water per day is a must. Take a look at how I switch up my water here.

Step 4 – Switch up your food and try something new. If you are “food bored,” visit the Cityline Facebook page to get new ideas for recipes, meal plans and more. We are constantly sharing our favorite and new ideas. You can also download all meal plans from

Step 5 – If you have hit a plateau, your body will need to do something new to break it. Breaking a plateau is also very important to helping you keep your interest and commitment level high. Click here for a few strategies to break your plateau. Also – keep in mind, weight loss does not always happen in a straight line. It is common to hit a week where you do not lose.

Step 6 – Try time-restricted eating. In other words – give yourself a 12-hour period daily where you do not eat (i.e. 7pm – 7am). Research has shown this to be very effective at helping boost your weight loss results. Eat all your meals and snacks during the day –but stop consuming all food (with the exception of water and tea) from 7pm on.

Step 7 – Focus on the “why” behind your desire to lose weight. Whether it is to feel more confident, boost your energy, feel stronger – keep the vision of what you want to achieve top of mind.

And…be proud of how far you have come!

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