4 tips for drool-worthy Instagram food shots

Chef, Lauren Mozer shares her 4 tips for creating the ultimate instagram-worthy food shot.

Elle Cuisine’s, Lauren Mozer shares her tips and tricks for getting that awesome Intstagram-worthy food post.

  1. The Art of Plating

    a. It all starts with the appearance of the food itself.
    •   Include colour (balance, contrast, movement)
    •   Create height (the base, the build, the garnish)
    •   Choose the right (go big-> empty space, white is king, don’t distract)

  2. The Importance of Lighting & Angles

    a. The key to good food photography is the lighting.
    •   Highlighting and shadowing

    b. Play with angles and focus.
    •   The dish will look different depending on the angle you take the photo from. Play around with this and find it’s “best side”.
    •   Play with focus -> focus on one part of the dish, blur the background.

  3. Staging Your Scene

    a. Plan the background and create a mood.
    •   Set your table, add floral and candles
    •   Create a solid background (white, wood, etc.)
    •   Don’t distract (be careful not to do too much, focus on the food and tell a story.

    b. Add movement/action
    •   Pouring sauce, or drizzling honey

  4. The Edit

    a. Highlight, increase brightness/exposure
    b. Minimize shadows, increase contrast
    c. Increase saturation (but keep it real)
    d. NO FILTERS – they distort the truth in the food