3 common workout errors that can actually harm your body

Watch out for these common exercise mistakes.

1. Bent Over Row

This exercise strengthens your back and postural muscles.

Common mistakes:

  • Using weights that are too heavy and compromising form
  • Rounded back and shoulders
  • Straight legs
  • Absence of scapular retraction (pulling shoulder blades together)

Best corrections:

  • Start with lighter weights
  • Focus on scapular retraction first, then pull weights up to rib cage if you have the correct form
  • Engage core and keep low back extensors engaged, maintaining a neutral spine
  • Keep chest out and shoulders back
  • Keep a soft bend to the knees


2. Push Up

The good old-fashioned push up is the ultimate upper body exercise. It develops strength in chest, shoulders, triceps, and core.

Common mistakes:

  • Hands are too far forward
  • Elbows flaring out
  • Disengaged core and excessive lordosis
  • Not going deep enough to get more reps

Best corrections:

  • Lie down on ground for proper hand placement (i.e. Thumbs touch chest and fingers are about 1 inch below shoulder)
  • Keep elbows closer to rib cage
  • Engage core throughout and maintain neutral spine
  • Focus on the range of motion (make adjustments if needed)


3. Lunge

The lunge improves lower body strength in quads, hamstrings, and glutes. If you are looking for leaner legs and a perkier butt, this is the move that you should be doing

Common mistakes:

  • Knee passing toes
  • Losing upper body posture
  • Not attaining full range of motion

Best corrections:

  • Push off with heel and mid-foot and sink hips back
  • Keep chest high, shoulders back and core engaged
  • Don’t add weight until you perfect the form through full range of motion