Top 10 Reasons To Join The 2020 Cityline Weight Loss Challenge!

Over the many years, I have had the pleasure of running this challenge on Cityline; thousands of pounds have been lost from coast to coast and optimal health has been achieved.

Here we go again! Cityline Weight Loss Challenge year #10 is soon about to begin! If you have struggled with your weight or diets in the past, do not worry or think that optimal health and weight loss cannot happen to you—it can, and it will.

So now that I have your attention: I want to tell you the top 10 reason you should enter the Cityline Weight Loss Challenge.

1. It’s time to put yourself on your own ‘list’. If you are feeling bloated, tired or storing extra belly fat, that is wasted energy. Once you discover all the ‘need to know’ tools for weight loss (and I will be posting all new meal plans, recipes and success sheets along with a program breakdown) you will feel so good you will not want to stop.

2. You will lose weight with dignity—no shticks or gimmicks—just long-term, hormonally-balanced weight loss programs that work.

3. In addition to losing weight (every 5 pounds you lose, you will lose an inch around your waist, hip and chest)—your energy and confidence will improve and your risk factors for a variety of disease processes (heart disease, cancer and stroke) will decrease.

4. It will not cost more money. Eating healthy and losing weight does not have to be more time-consuming or more expensive – it just takes the proper tools and information and a degree of mindfulness.

5. You get a buddy. Research shows weight loss works better when you have a buddy and I am here for you! My goal is to get as many as possible healthier and fit one bite at a time.

6. You will likely discover other benefits in addition to weight loss such as improved sleep, better skin and an overall sense of wellness.

7. Your sugar cravings will finally be gone! I will be showing you natural and delicious alternatives to satisfy your cravings and say “bye-bye” to white sugar once and for all.

8. You will discover strategies on how to handle social settings, emotional eating and eating when travelling.

9. You will discover weight loss and health tools you can use for life. Once on my program, if you fall off for any reason, you will always have the tools to get back on.

10. And finally…the last reason to join the Cityline Weight Loss Challenge year is because we will be making weight loss fun! We have the most amazing Facebook group that shares recipes, supports each other and hold each other accountable. The group is truly special and is available for you to join at anytime!

Have I convinced you yet? I hope I did! To sign up and apply for your chance to be one of our weight loss winners, please CLICK HERE.

Wishing you all the best,
Dr. Joey Shulman