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DIY Kitchen Bench 

The nook at the end of our kitchen was wasted space. I had hopes the kids would use this corner as a spot to do homework and that I’d use it as an office. It turns out they don’t get much homework (yay!) and my office is mostly the sofa, my laptop and Netflix playing in the background. Because we could really use more storage, we partnered with Home Depot Canada to build small shelves and a storage bench. It’s now the coziest little spot to snuggle up with a book.



– 2×4 lumber
– ¾ MDF panels
– 1×5 MDF
-1×4 MDF
-1×3 MDF
– screws
– hinges
– nail gun
– wood filler
– sandpaper
– primer
– paint
– paint brush
– roller
– bench cushion


Once you decided on the measurements (see drawings below for ours) make a list of the pieces you’ll need, including measurements. We had all of the pieces cut at Home Depot Canada which saved so much time, effort, and possibly our relationship.


DIY bench sarah gunn



  1. Build a frame using 2×4 lumber. We added two pieces across the middle at the top and bottom for additional support.
  2. Add MDF panels to the front and sides, securing in place with a nail gun. Don’t worry about the corners, the trim will cover where the pieces meet.
  3. Build the top with one ¾ inch by 2or 3-inch strip across the back of the top, screwed in place. Attach a ¾ MDF panel cut to the size of the bench tip, using hinges, so the larger piece will open and give access to the storage space inside.
  4. We wanted the bench to look like it was designed with the cabinets, so we added trim to look similar: 1×5 MDF for the base on front, 1×4 MDF across the top and 1×3 inch MDF for the vertical trim.
  5. Fill all visible holes with wood filler and sand.
  6. Prime everything and then paint.
  7. We had a custom French tufted cushion custom-made by Jamie’s incredibly talented mom, using the prettiest Jolie Marche fabric.

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