Cracking The Code on the "Right Way" to Fold

Make folding effortless with this guide to getting it right from Organizing Expert Lindsay Whisen.

The “Right Way” to Fold
Folding is all about taking something big and making it as small as possible, as quickly and painlessly as possible.
The rational way to achieve that is “half-it, half-it, half-it, half-it”.

Fitted Bed Sheet
Folding Instructions:

  1. Get your 2 pointer fingers in 2 corner nooks that are far apart
  2. Finger tips together
  3. Flip over over one side
  4. Nest the fabrics together
  5. Nest the other two 2 corner nooks
  6. Get your 2 pointer fingers in 2 nested corner nooks
  7. Finger tips together
  8. Flip over over one side
  9. Nest them as you can
  10. Lay flat to find the rectangle/square
  11. Half-it, half-it, half-it

Other Options:

  • Throw it over a hanger
  • Stuff it in a designated bin

Folding Options Instruction:

  1. Half-it, half-it, half-it, half-it
  2.  Half-it, half-it, half-it, third-it
  3. Half-it, half-it, half-it, roll it
  4. Third-it, Third-it (for hanging over a towel rod)


  • You have to ask yourself “where do you store it?” Because the place you are setting it determines the size you have to make it.
    Are they in a deep/shallow storage closet?
    Are the towels part of decor?

Folding Instructions:

  1. Half-it, half-it, half-it, half-it
  2.  Third-it, third-it, half-it
  3.  Hang it
  4. Toss or Lay


  •  You have to ask yourself “how do you use it?” T-Shirts is NOT one single category.
  • PJ shirts can justifiably be tossed/laid in a bin/drawer, grab-and-go style.
  • Is it a fashion T-shirt? – hang it up – more wrinkles fall out.
  • Around the House/Weekend T-shirt? – fold and file it.
  • Is it logo’d or have a defining feature? – Make that visible with the fold
  • On-demand information makes for speedy selection.
  • No more stacking shirts vertically!